Monday, October 21, 2013

Day Six--October 22, 2013

You are what you project

I had a roommate in Cincinnati, Ohio who taught me that. We were both summer engineers, but she also knew fashion. She taught me how to 'dress to look rich' and 'how to project' your image with confidence.

She was a size twelve, but gorgeous, and despite her being from Philly had all the world convinced that she was the one from California, not me! And I weighed one hundred five pounds!  LOL

As a result, many people are surprised when they learn my actual height. That is because I 'project' myself to be several inches taller! I carry myself with confidence and good posture.

When we get to 5D, we can 'project' to be any age or appearance we want.

So I started 'cheating'--as soon as I got wind of that one, in my mind, 'I look like I'm twenty-one!' 24/7 is on the front of my brain. And you know what? People think I'm ten years younger than I am. Every day.

You can do it. Go ahead! Who's to stop you?

I have done it so well all my clothes fit, and are getting loose and baggy. Yes, I did go RAW vegan, and my stomach is flattened from the diet. 

But you know what is really strange? For all my fitness, my weight has been going UP. I mean, way UP. And my body feels...'different'. It's very 'grounded'. It's not just muscle. It's 'not like before'.

One of my Reiki students did some body work on me the other day. She made the comment--you sure are SOLID! (as she tapped my body like in Eastern Massage) No one's going to knock you over!

But she also said, 'Don't lose any more weight. You look good as you are.'

What could be behind the mystery?

There is rumor that in 5D we will have silicon (note--the chemical of sand and glass, not breast implants! that one has an 'e' at the end of it! LOL) biological structure instead of carbon-based.

This is the secret behind the crystalline bodies. 

We are going to look and feel like we always have felt. Everything will be the same...

But we won't age and we won't die like we are accustomed to in 3D.

And you know what's the most blessed miracle ever?

If you lost a body part in 3D it's coming back! If you were diseased in 3D--like cerebral palsy--you will be in perfect health in 5D! 

There will be nothing left to heal!

I am not sure when or how this will happen. Will it be instant or take 'adjustments' over a certain length of time? I don't know.

But I do know, I am Solid! And no one is going to knock me over! 

The medical implications of this are fascinating. As far as I know, through all my recent tests for my work-up for my condition on my thyroid, everything is 'normal' and in 3D, not 5D.

I wonder what will happen to those who had aesthetic surgery? Will the nose and ears go 'back' to 'before' or will Spirit let them stay 'after' how they want themselves to look? This is one of the most fascinating things to ponder...I am really beginning to enjoy life in 5D!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc