Friday, October 18, 2013

The Strategies Of Heaven

Heaven is on a different 'Time' than you. Note that I did not say, 'Daylight Savings Time' or 'Standard Time' or event 'Time Zone'. Heaven is on a different Time than you.

And Heaven is coming to Earth!

If I might be so bold, I will further assert that The Ways Of Heaven Are Seen With The Heart And Not With The Rational Mind.

For some of you, like the one who posed the question, 'what is this and what is that' in Heavenly terms which is the basis of this blog post, Although it might seem difficult, with the Open Heart awake this will make more sense; the more the Heart Center is opened, and the more this is re-read, the more clear it will be to you.

For others who are looking to 'understand' using only their 'Rational Mind' this will not make much 'sense' no matter how much it is read.

Here is the answer to the question asked. Note, I am not using any 'definitions' from the Internet. I am answering them straight up from my Heart Center and using my own 'working definitions' for you:

  • Starseeds:  And advanced soul who incarnated in this lifetime to help Gaia and her People. Possesses advanced technology on a soul level. Has submitted to the 'amnesia' process which is in place on surface Earth. May or may not awaken to their Soul Purpose and Soul Mission for Liberation of The Planet. 
  • Key Codes: There are 'codes' that are contained in things one might not otherwise 'make sense' which help with the awakening process. It has something to do with the DNA, not in the body, but in the etheric or 'Light Body'. (we have five 'bodies, an etheric body, an astral body, a mental body, an emotional body, and a physical body.) Sources of key codes are found in nature, sunlight, and certain people who are way-showers. If you find yourself actively seeking more posts from a Lightworker, chances are you are getting 'light codes' from them and in your active stage of the Awakening Process to begin your Mission. I got the Light Codes from KP's blog, but then I 'outgrew it' and found others and started blogging with more energy myself.
  • Lightworker: A person who, whether incarnated for this Mission or isn't sure of it, has a strong desire to help awaken others, to be of service to Gaia, and to help with the Resistance Movement to Liberate the Planet. Many experience the 'Gifts of Spirit'--clair audience, clair voyance, clair cognizance, clair sentience, and clair olfaction. This is because these 'gifts' are 'normal' for the Higher Dimensions.
  • Wayshower: A Lightworker who helps other Lightworkers 'wake up' to their Missions.
  • Healer: A Special kind of Lightworker who can adjust their Vibration to match that of another entity, and transmute 'Dis-Ease' or the Energy Imbalance Pattern of Disease.  Some Healers who use Reiki techniques and other advanced spiritual practices do not experience 'draining of energy'  because they 'Tap Into Source' for the Healing to happen. Other healers use their own Life Energy to heal others.
  • Gatekeeper: this term is new to me, I do not know what this means.
  • Guardian: A fortified old soul Lightworker who has extensive Soul Experience and many incarnations. Is entrusted with a certain important project. Often is subject to extreme attack by the Negative Non-Physical and their counterparts on Gaia. Typically has survived a horrible upbringing with multiple layers of abuse to 'keep them from finding their Mission'. I am not a Guardian. Rumor has it though, that 'anyone who knows a Guardian is automatically able to Ascend, no matter what their karma'.
  • Karma: This is a 'law' where the soul chooses its own 'fairness' in the next life after evaluation of behaviors/practices in the 'last life'. The soul is a much harsher judge of itself than Source is. In essence, darkness is 'paid back' with suffering by the soul to 'cleanse' it in later lives. All of us have been darkness at one lifetime or another. We 'take turns'.
  • Ascension: The 'mass raising of Vibration' or if you use a video game term--'leveling up' of the Consciousness of the majority of people alive on Gaia surface. This is the sum total of 'personal Ascension processes'. To me, this will happen like popcorn popping--a few first, then more, and then lots, and then a little less, then the stragglers, and then no more. The kernels who are 'unpopped' will be the ones that chose to remain back in 3D. Gaia is going to 5D.
  • The Event: This is a little different from Ascension in that it is a synchronistic astral/universal phenomena that is related to a pulse of Light from the Galactic Central Sun. It will happen globally. This will trigger a financial reset of all the Central Banking Systems on the planet. It is like a wonderful gift that we on Gaia are fortunate to experience--it is better than Christmas Morning!

Other things to keep in mind--whatever you are thinking and getting emotional about is going to come true. You Have The Power To Manifest It. 

A friend of mine experienced a miracle in the stopping of drinking by her Twin Soul Husband. But she can't move past the pain and heal herself. Now he is having setbacks. She is basically untreated AlAnon, wanting her pain to be noticed and healed before she accepts the miracle. This is the classic 'change' and 'change back' scenario. She has not mastered this part of the Illusion yet, and this is important for their joint mission together that she does. The pain is real that she is experiencing--however, just like in childbirth with its overwhelming pain and labor, only SHE can raise her Consciousness enough to be able to find her own Happiness even if he is passed out drunk in the next room (treated AlAnon), then to 'pluck out' all those worry thoughts as they happen (not because they aren't real, but because they are like loaded guns or a match to gasoline--they have that much energy manifesting potential when she is heart and mind focused on a particular thought). Then she must strengthen her Vibration to be stronger than his (this is not easy). She wants OUT. She is emotionally 'finished' It does not look good for them. She is 'done'. 

This is how the negative non-physical forces 'divide and conquer' just like they did the 'Occupy' movement--my friend does not even see she is giving the Dark Hats a big juicy victory by walking away from her Twin Soul and focusing on the pain instead of the desired End Result.

You have the power to manifest too. Just think of yourself like an Olympic Athlete, and think 'Gold Medal' (or your version of it) 24/7, day in and day out, feeling the 'victory' in your mind, and really experiencing the emotions of the 'win'. And bust your behind working to do everything possible to prepare you for that win--training, nutrition, weight room, coaches, strategy.

This is the way of Heaven. It is right before your eyes!

If you want the 'Final Picture' before you 'decide' and 'commit' to being a Lightworker, the rest of us are going to move along without you. Because by this mentality you are perpetuating the concept of 3D. This is not a judgement of you, your potential, your value--you are STILL LOVED BY GOD and by ME--it is only a 'sign' that your vibration isn't 'at' the level yet to 'move past' the 3D 'mark' BUT IN TIME YOU TOO WILL BE ABLE TO REACH THE HIGHER VIBRATIONS!!! You are not forgotten or 'left behind' in any way--it's just your 'homework' is still 3D and the other's have 5D homework now. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

If you are okay with just 'winging it' and 'going with what feels right' and being of the Highest Vibration possible, you will 'get to a place' where your own connection to Source, your Inner Guidance, is going to 'kick in'. Only what you need at the present moment will be made clear to you, and it is only when you 'look back over your shoulder' you will be astonished at what this gentle partnership with Spirit on your Mission can accomplish over Time.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc