Thursday, October 24, 2013

Our Patients Are Safe, Warm and Loved

Doctors With Reiki is a grass-roots movement to bring the 'healing' back into the doctor-patient relationship. Traditional healers from ancient times relied on Spirit guidance to direct the care of the sick in their care because, frankly, technology was non-existent. In time, conventional medicine has become so reliant upon these laboratory and non-invasive imaging studies that our patients get the feeling they are 'just another patient' and those providing care are 'just treating the numbers'.

Our group has no membership fees, no conferences (yet!) as it is just starting out. We have one naturopath, one anesthesiologist, several chiropractors, and many nurses from all areas of practice, including critical care and ER. We also have Respiratory technicians and Hospice Reiki Volunteers in our organization. Together we are focusing on ways we can bring Energy Healing, especially but not limited to the use of Reiki to the bedside of our patients where we work.

Here is an example of our work--it is an actual text I got from a junior colleague recently when I was post-call:

JC: Thank you for praying for my patient last night.  (RD: patient was too sick for me to take over case, so I prayed--and gave Reiki). Just wanted to thank you for being you. Sometimes I get so distracted, I forget to do the most important thing: pray.

RD: Oh my dearest (their name), you kept them ALIVE! That is a prayer, too. Sometimes when I have a scary case assigned to me, I cheat. I call my mother on my way to work and I ask her to pray. God listens to her! I was simply doing the same for all of the team and the patient...Love and Hugs, (my name)

JC: I do the same thing too. : ) except I usually text her during the case...I was too busy yesterday though.--I hope your mom is doing well. (R.D. mom has gotten over bladder cancer this year--through a long hospital course she is now at home.)

This junior colleague has no idea I am Reiki Doc. Some of my coworkers know--the nurses, staff, and other surgeons. But none of the other anesthesiologists know. Yet my willingness to lay my hands on a sick patient's head in surgery, and ask Spirit for protection and guidance, is one of the oldest callings in the world--to Heal.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

At Doctors With Reiki we do everything possible toward the empowerment of our patients.

P.S. Would you like to join us? Our organization is a network of Healers from all types of healing practices. We come together through this page, through Facebook (Doctors With Reiki), and Twitter (Doctors With Reiki, @usui2102) daily to share inspirational messages, Spiritual Guidance, Love and Light. We take this Awareness of our role as Healers for humanity to heart, and bring our Spirituality to us in our work. There are no membership fees, no membership cards, and as of yet, not a single conference. Only your Heart will know you are a member or not, and that is enough for today.

P.P.S. Patients? Feel free to join too. Sometimes it is the energy of the patient who is 'aware' and 'enlightened' that brings the 'healing' back into the setting as well. Your caregivers will respond to it and as they become more aware, they will consciously or unconsciously carry that Healing Energy back to their other patients...