Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Message From My Favorite Ghost

Today I went out to eat for lunch. I sat at the lunch counter, and read a book,  Le Chat Philosophe by Kwong Kuen Shan. I was laughing because it is so precious, the things that are inside, so zen!

Here is an example:

16. Pensee D'Ete:

Aux heures de solitude, je dialogue avec de vieux sages, de vieux maitres, a travers les pages de mes mille livres.

Aux heures de loisir, je parcours mon jardin d'arbres et de fleurs pour jouir de la compagnie de la nature.

Poeme Chinois

(In English--16. Thought Of Summer:

Hours of solitude, I dialogue with wise old, old masters, through the pages of my thousand books.

Leisure hours, I walk my garden with trees and flowers to enjoy the company of nature.

Chinese poem)

I was beat. Up until midnight because of work last night, and back in the saddle again bright and early for an eight o'clock case.  I waited for three hours for the next case, and I slept in the car. I wanted to leave the hospital so much. After a while, you'd like to take a shower more than when I asked for relief and it came, even though there was one last case, I bolted from the hospital. That department has a habit of 'adding on' more work once you're there, and I had a three o'clock 'date' with my 'gay boyfriend' Ed, who has done my hair for the past decade. It was time for a trim. : )

So at the restaurant counter, I 'recharged' and got lost in my own world.

In my reverie, a familiar male voice came to me. The loudest it has ever been. It was 'Papa', the Japanese ghost who 'lives there'.

  • Remember he is very proud to have you here at his restaurant. Remember he is very proud to have You Here. Always remember this. No matter what, never forget.
He would have said it a third time but I was like, 'okay, okay I got it!' He got quiet.

Messages always have 'feelings' with them. The feeling was one of concern for me, and compassion for in fact my heart has been through the wringer more than once. He was coaching me with wisdom, knowledge of his son and me, and encouraging me to grow in one of my hardest ways. Even for friendship, it takes a great deal to get me to come out of my 'shell' with a guy I admire. (I also 'picked up' that the pride was for my profession, and that I confessed once to him about my fear over my thyroid work up and possibly having to be a patient, 'I HATE Doctors! That's why I became one!' which totally cracked him up. It's the one thing we share--a desire to change medicine from the status quo--LOL)

Then Papa went away!

As I relaxed and ate, I felt better. I was even able to smile at my friend, not the ghost, but the ghost's son. I smiled twice, which for me with my unbearable shyness when it comes to nice guys, even just for friends, is a lot.

No one would ever guess how very shy I can be around people I want to be my friend. I can talk to anybody, patients, people at a party, total strangers! But the ones I really would like to know? LOL! More shy than anything!

The lessons for you today are:
  • when you are 'empty' go and fill your cup. For me it is a French book and soup and ginger tea.
  • when you are in a 'life lesson' you will find 'coaches', for me today, it was Papa ghost. Yours might be in 'guide' form too, or possibly human.
  • Your guides will know you better than you know yourself.
  • They will always encourage and support you, even if you make mistakes, because to them, there are no mistakes in us--just 'learning'.
  • Once your energy is 'up' and your cup is 'full'--push yourself to grow. After all, I took the chance to smile and I got a smile back--both times!
Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc