Monday, October 21, 2013

Why I've Eaten Salad For Lunch For Five Years (sad face)

One of the strongest motivators for me to eliminate meat from the diet has been the hospital cafeteria.

I kid you not. It's the meat in the steam trays in the Doctor's Lounge and the quality of burgers on the grill that turned me off from meat long before I ever set foot in a RAW vegan restaurant.

It's the kind of meat that comes in bags that are frozen (chicken) or patties that have little pieces of paper between them. After a while, even the fish got hard to take.

So I ate salad.

Have you eaten salad for lunch for five years?

It gets old.

That's how 'My Project' began. I really enjoyed the food at the RAW vegan restaurant. And the chef at my hospital noticed why I hardly ever eat anything except salad, no matter what he cooks.

I explained to him that the food provided does not meet my lifestyle choices--organic, vegan, no high fructose corn syrup (yes--no more cranberry juice at the hospital for me), no GMO, and for my son, pasture-grass fed free range animal products.

Just between me and you, the aspartame yogurts in the fridge just freak me out...I didn't tell him that though.

I bought him a copy of Cherie Soria and Dan Landman's book--RAW Food For Dummies (it's actually the leading book on the topic) and my friend the owner of the restaurant and I split a one hundred dollar gift certificate for him to go to the restaurant to experience RAW.

He never ate there.

I don't know what he did with the gift certificate.

But he did go visit the restaurant once. It was a surprise that I was there when he came to see my friend. I sat in the booth with them, and then I excused myself to get the other chef from his office.

I asked for the best RAW vegan chef in the world to meet our hospital chef. I knocked on the door. He must have been out of the office.

But I did the most amazing thing, from my heart. I spoke to the door. I don't know if you are in there or not, but through a lot of effort I got our hospital chef here. He needs to meet you. I am tired of eating crap. They have nothing for me to eat at the hospital--when I was an inpatient I thought they were trying to kill me! Think of all the doctors and nurses and patients and patient families who could be helped by your expertise. Please, please, help make my dream come true.

He never answered. He wasn't there, how could he?

But Spirit did.

I sat in the booth with the owner and hospital chef trying to get them to connect. It wasn't pretty. I felt the stress. Trying to make a deal (you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours), trying to force a commitment, and trying to protect the kitchen and the secret recipes. Nothing personal, but total Duality mentality on the part of my friends at my Spiritual Home. I got sad. The energies spiraled lower and lower instead of up between the two parties.

It's a shame, really. Because the hospital chef knows how to make a lot of food for a lot of people every day, and my friends at the restaurant could have learned how to 'scale up' from him while he learned 'healthy' from them.

Then came the Bulldog one week later. Introduced to me as a 'friend' of the owner. She was anything but. I know those who are not of Spirit, the ones who 'don't-have-our-best-interest-at-heart'. I felt the familiar energy drain, the my-will-versus-yours, and the carefully hidden agenda-hunger for money.  I know it well. So although the 'job description' was 'manager of the restaurant', I know a heart's dimension when I see it, and this one was even MORE 3D than the owner. This heart was after my freedom, money from the hospital, and a Big Business Deal. But the Brain was in 'Wally World' and completely out of touch with Reality at The Hospital.

So I pulled out my big guns:

  • my doctors LIKE meat
  • the only way this can fly is if we promote 'vegan choices' be made available
  • it's a win-win even without money
  • do you think my doctors are stupid enough that they won't notice an exchange of fake meat for real meat--like ribs and soy substitutes?
  • I told her something in confidence as a test
She failed the test. I called her on it. She 'spun' it as 'being very tactful' and 'selective'. She wanted to know what would move the project forward.

And a voice I never knew I had texted back: Spirit will move the project forward. There is great need.

Guess what?

The very next day I was in the OR with our breast cancer surgical oncologist, director of the breast center, and incoming president of the medical staff. And her vegetarian plastic surgeon. She said she's packed her lunch every day for twelve years because she likes 'clean food'. Then at lunch I asked the midwives what they thought of the project. The vegan one loved it (she eats salad every day too), and the others who did eat meat still enjoy vegan restaurants from time to time, and supported it too.

Our chef had told me to let him know next time I am on OB call and will go to the doctor's dining room. I am the 'guinea pig' and he will try out new recipes, on his own, on me. He gave me a big plate of food that was kind of like 'eggplant tofu'. I wanted bok choy, green, but I got 'lots of protein vegan'. I went to the doctor's lounge. And guess who was there? The vegetarian plastic surgeon.

The plastic surgeon's brother died young with a brain tumor. That's why he changed. He still likes meat. On his plate was the chicken curry and rice. 'I just eat around the meat' he said. But when I shared the new dish, he totally loved it! And chef walked in, and we gave our enthusiastic support.

This is how 5D is. No talk of money. No I'll give you this is you give me that. Just a desire for something to improve for humanity, and making the request from your heart. 

Thank you Spirit.

Here's some info on 'eating healthy' from the Mayo Clinic. Note--go organic on the blueberries and wild caught on the salmon--

Here they are on Yelp--I understand they actively promote 'healthy options':

when I was at Navy hospital doing peds--our meal tickets went to Mc Donald's downstairs! See how much room there is for improvement?

Here's a project initiative along the same lines as me, I didn't know we had:

And here's Kaiser's take on the issue--I've eaten there a lot when mom was sick. Again, mostly salads, and not a whole lot of choices except for one froozie fruit/vegetable drink dispenser in the cafeteria. They did have 'food choices' though, for mom:

Food IS a medicine. It also is a source of the majority of our illnesses, the chronic long-term ones.
So choose wisely. And  choose well. With your heart center. And a pendulum if you're not sure about it! ; )

Know that the more cooked, and especially the more fried or microwaved, the less energy of Life and nutrition is left actually IN the food. So no matter what, to keep the energy of the workers and microwaves 'out' and 'LOVE energy' in, be sure to give thanks for, and bless your food every time you eat. Even give Reiki!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. I love this book--it's very useful. Conquering Cancer by Dr. Joel Berman, M.D. It's on amazon.