Monday, October 7, 2013

Broken Clocks

I just threw away two antique clocks. Mother had said one was mine, and it wasn't. The other I had had since college when my Uncle gave it to me, and it had never worked. Mom had taken it to the watch repairman. She said 'he'd tried his best, and he just couldn't fix it'.

She wanted me to find my own repairman to fix them.

My house has plenty of clocks. Come to think of it, my most important clock, the Kit Cat Clock, has not had the tail work for months. I haven't replaced it, either, because the time part on the cat's stomach works.

Have you ever seen an old-fashioned timepiece? It runs when you wind it. There is a spring inside that makes it go.

Have you heart the term 'wound to tight'?

That makes a clock break. And sometimes it's beyond repair..

What do I need with a bunch of old clocks that do not work? They do not keep time. They are useless.

So I threw them away. All of them. In one big swoop. Even the Kit Cat clock.

Think about the Light and how it shows the parts in your home, your schedule, your work, your society, your globe, your spirituality, your faith...and your Heart....that are not functioning for you, just like the clocks Mother gave me which do not keep time.

Why are you holding on to Broken Clocks?

There is only one Time--Here and Now.

There is only one place in our Hearts that has the Past, Present and Future as one.

In this place, there are no mistakes, only Lessons.

Now is the Time to Surrender to the Higher Ways and Allow 'No Time' to give birth to the Golden Age.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc