Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day Three--October 19, 2013

One of the changes that has come more pronounced is 'what you want to eat'. Your appetite and tastes change slowly but one day you look at the meat on your plate and think, 'This is dead cow!' or 'This is dead chicken!' or 'This is dead fish!'. Even the bacon you used to love, you look at it and think, 'This pig needs its bacon more than me to stay alive!'

It's the cruelty that is in the Vibration of the food that you 'pick up on'. 

Depending on your family's eating habits, your lifestyle, and your circumstances, you might not be able to act on that 'sudden knowing' about what your food is and how it got to be on your plate.

Instead, you start craving foods that have 'Higher Vibration' and are 'Alive'! I want fresh fruits and vegetables, particularly leafy green vegetables. My taste for alcohol went away, and only once in a while do I enjoy a glass of wine with dinner (being raised Italian, this is 'normal' for every night to have one glass with the meal).

I can even 'pick up' the difference in Vibration of my bottled water. Iceland has a different 'feel' than 'Hawaii' or even 'Fiji'. I enjoy the differences very much, for I am taking 'in' this Vibration into 'me'.

The last 'sudden craving' is for the sun. I actively seek it, for about ten minutes a day, and it feels 'enough'. This morning, on the drive home from work--I drove into the rising sun. And it felt terrific! The higher spiritual practices do 'sun gazing' at dawn and at dusk as a form of 'nutrition for the Light Body'. I used to think it was strange. Now I am starting to understand.

Your physical body has matching counterparts in the mental body, the emotional body, the etheric body, and the astral or 'Light' body.

Feed them well today.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc