Saturday, October 12, 2013

New Update On 'Window Of Opportunity' for The Event

Today was an update posted by Cobra on a 'Window Of Opportunity' for the Event.

Here is the direct link to the article, and after, I will share my perception of it:

What Is The Event?
The event is a pulse of energy from the Galactic Central Sun which happens on a regular, but very long in human time measurement, cycle. It lasts for a certain length of time, building up and peaking and going down in energy, over the span of decades. This incoming pulse began in 1975, I believe, but is expected to 'peak' and 'arrive' in the current times.

Why Does The Alignment of Constellations Influence It?
It all has to do with the energy. Just like an earthquake or a volcanic eruption, although it might seem 'out of the blue' in fact there were measurements and optimal conditions leading up to the geologic event, so many that scientists can measure them with current technology but still not accurately predict the occurrence one hundred percent. Even in the case of Tsunami, which is very well understood, the area that gets 'warning' is often far greater than the actual area of damage. Think of these 'Star and Planet Alignments' as the 'measurements of the energy' which influence the timing of the event for 'those in the know who measure such things'.

Why Hasn't The Event Happened Already?
The goal is for The Event to happen in a 'window of opportunity' which creates the maximum benefit for the least harm and loss of life.

How Will Loss Of Life Happen?
We don't know. The Event will trigger a change in 'the way things are run' on surface of the Earth--the politics. Only the 'politics' run far deeper than even the most avid follower of current events would know. What is at stake are the non-physical negative entities who live in the etheric plane which surrounds Gaia, and the 'Quarantine of Ammesia' that has been placed on her people by these entities who 'supervise' us. Our life, and the way we live it, is apparently NOT what we were designed to do, like a product that wears out and has to be replaced. The people in the Bible who lived for hundreds of years actually DID so.  Long story short--these 'supervisors' ARE the 'Anunaki*' and negative-non-physical beings, who connect to the Illuminati and the Cabal, who connect to our business and political world leaders, and they like two things--control/power, and money. As The Event takes place, both of these will be 'taken away' from those who 'run the show'. They do not want for this to happen, they are desperate, and will do anything possible to create fear and disharmony to shift the energy in favor of a timeline/outcome where 'they will win'. Although this is not possible, as Higher Intervention has mandated an end to their time on Gaia, they are not going down without a fight. An example? They can send thoughts to a controller of a nuclear bomb, so he 'thinks' he has the instruction to 'blow everything up' and press the trigger. They can do that, this is no joke, this is for reals.

What is the Good News About this Intel?
Time ahead points to a rapid clearing of the etheric plane to get the Negative Non-Physical Entities OUT faster.

What is the Not-So-Good News?
The window closes on Christmas Day this year. It will be some time before another window opens again.

What is The Congo?
Think of it as a gateway for Galactic 'Boogeymen' to come in from anywhere in the Universe to surface Gaia, Her astral plane, and Her etheric plane. It opened in 1996, and has been streaming in all kinds of low-life ever since. The presence of such negative energy is fuel for the 'Dark Hats' I mentioned three questions earlier. It empowers them, it supercharges them.

What Feeds the Negativity?
Fear, anger, negativity, lower Vibration (you can look these up on this blog)

What Starves the Negativity and Feeds The Positive Instead?
Meditation, Love, Positive Energy, Healing, and more which raises the Vibration. Specifically, meeting in groups on Sundays to join in the World Peace Meditation clears out millions of the negative Non-Physicals in the Astral and Etheric Planes.  I know it sounds dorky to lift your arms and make a noise and spin, but the Galactics say it works and we have to trust them.

Who ARE The Galactics?
They are our family from the stars (Gaia didn't 'invent' people--her caretakers were from Vega and have humanoid DNA that eventually became humans). They want us to get free from these Negative Non-Physical Entities who have wreaked havoc across the Universe, and now Gaia is 'their last stand'. They cannot violate the Quarantine, and land. But their advanced technology and commitment to helping the Liberation Of The Planet is true. If this sounds a lot like 'some movie', you are correct--the Galactic Wars were the inspiration for the movie, Star Wars. George Lucas 'remembered' it on some level. There are distortions through the 'channelling' but the essence is the same.

What Can I Do?
Educate yourself and keep your Vibration UP! 

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

* = although originally the Anunaki 'got the contract to supervise', I understand this has been changed. Some went to the Light and are helping the cause, and the real 'runners of the show' are the Archons.