Friday, October 4, 2013

The Melee Now Around You

In this picture, who knows more about what is going on? The Russian Military giving the show, or the citizens in the back who are comfortably watching? You can see them taking pictures, sitting with their dog, on the sidelines of the free-for-all between the two that is going on inside.

If you look further, there are soldiers squatting and kneeling in a circle around the two, which act to separate the public from the two, to ensure the safety of citizens and demonstrating military alike.

It's like that right now but only in 5D.

There is tremendous, furious movement between the Lightworkers and the Shadow-Chasers.

Lightworkers are doing everything possible for the freedom to come back to Gaia and her people. And the Shadow-Chasers are doing everything possible to maintain control over all.

'Well, I'm not controlled!' you may argue! I don't watch T.V., except for my shows, and I go to church and I read the newspaper...


This is your boat. You have free will. You get to make it go wherever you want it to 'go'; what you believe is 'true' for you. Let take this boat through a simple course of logic:

  • If you were trying to trick somebody, would you make it obvious to them or would you smile as if nothing is happening?
  • If you were trying to poison someone, would you make it look and taste like poison, or would you make it extra attractive and delicious so that no one would suspect a thing?
  • If you had created enormous institutions for the purpose of controlling the masses worldwide, would you make their leaders sinister, or warm and likable to head those organizations which promote some man-made version of 'The Divine'?
  • If you had large mammals with free will who could form a posse and overthrow you, would you want them to have any idea at all they were in captivity? Would you not provide 'enrichment' for them in the form of 'play activities' and 'amusements'?
  • Is it more work or less work if you train the parents to indoctrinate the children into a life of subservience?
  • Is a controlled worker more willing to work for a pittance cheerfully if they choose their own task?
  • Is someone that is controlled through the mind more willing to follow the crowd or to stand on their own two feet with their opinions?
Who is controlling who? 

Here is a clue--follow the money. Always follow the money to watch who gets most of it in the end.

If you are looking for this battle in the news, you won't ever find it. The media is controlled and not free, although there are some very brave reporters out there who let a story leak out now and then at great risk to themselves.

Someone asked me, point blank--'Who is this Cobra? He said something not too nice about Pope Francis and The Dalai Lama. I look at their pictures. All I see is Light. Cobra is bad!'

I said 'Okay!'

To 3D eyes who are 'conditioned', that is what one will see. And that is their choice.

But if she meditates, and uses her heart with a sincere wish to 'see the truth', the picture in 5D is clear.

The treatment of anyone who is being trashed on the internet who is a Lightworker is not Light. If your emotions kick in an you want to react, ask yourself, 'Is this of Love, and Compassion?' 

Then follow the money.

Yesterday, I turned off the T.V. set in the doctor's lounge. I heard them read all of the 'shadow chaser' buzz-words in one news piece--Shocking!A Monster! Terror! Inhumane! Worrisome! Dying!

Yup. I know who makes money off that.

Those are the words that create Separation.

It's all up to you.

Are you in?

Only those who are capable of working together are going to raise the Vibration of the Collective Consciousness.

It's all about the Energy.

Separation? Or Community?

The choice is yours.

You have Free Will. 

Aloha and Mahalos,