Monday, December 31, 2012

A Message from Our Lady for January 1st, 2013

Sweet Children,

There is happiness around you on the road ahead. Some of you have challenges. Some of you are struggling. (she touches her heart with both hands and looks sad) This I understand. When the going gets toughest, you have to persist--have to persist! (shows her finger and thumb about an inch apart).This is the difference between a failure and success! It is this very inch when you cannot make it any more. It is when your mind and your body are telling you, 'I have had it! I am bound to quit! I have made a mistake in getting in to this! I am in far over my head!' (her voice gets soft and gentle) This is why you came to Gaia to suffer and wail in the beginning: to have the chance to doubt yourself and find the diamond that is within...the courage...and the faith that had to be fired like metal to gain strength.

Hold on my little children. The wonderous world is going to amaze you! And fill you with delight!

Everything happens for the best. I ask you to keep reminding yourself of this, writing it down on little cards where they will be easy to see and placing them about your home and your desk and your automobile...

(Note: MY favorite childhood show theme song just came on while the family was looking at a TIVO episode of Scooby Doo--the Banana Splits--these words in the captions on the song stand out--
Making up a mess of fun    making up a mess of fun    lots of fun for every one tra la la tra la la la... I am captivated by the coincidence and the memories that start welling up in me.--Reiki Doc)

I want you to recall the sheer joy of childhood. Even if you had a sub-optimal youth, I want you to recall the moments of pleasure and comfort that you experienced at this time.

Everything happens for the best! Onwards and Upwards! Everything is happening in the moment of sheer perfection and awesomeness!

That is enough for us now.
Our channeller has to go and take care of her family.
Namaste! Namaste!

Your Mother in the Sky,
The Goddess
Mother Mary
(whatever it is that you call me, do so lovingly. I am one and the same, and in no way wish to offend by calling myself The Virgin or anything that reminiscent of religion that is unpleasant to recollect for some of you that are reading this message. I embrace you with Love and Maternal Blessing for the Light no matter what. All of you are my little ones, it is not a religious connection in any way, but rather, a highly spiritual one.)


Reiki Doc