Sunday, December 9, 2012

Not-so Brief Meditations

I made this photo extra  large so that you would be able to appreciate the detail. He is pulling back the edge of reality, as he knows it, and focused intently on what is new. There are questions marks, galaxies, and the egyptian desert. Time is melting where he is, and hands are raised in supplication to heaven. There is a Fibonacci sequence behind the light bulb, and a giant all-seeing eye over branches that are bare, flying beds, and the land masses of earth.

1) Combined Meditation and Explanation of the Changes:

This link fills in the 'what to expect' on the upcoming changes between December 12 and 21, 2012.
Most notable is:

  • everyone is going to ascend together (big sigh)
  • some will feel it right away, others it will have to 'sink in'
  • we are all going to experience perfect health of mind and body
  • no one is going to die
  • only the worst-of-the-worst are going to have some 'inner earth Time Out' being cared for and helped to learn to have a deep Love and Respect for All Life, and then come out.
There is a nice (about ten minute for my fast reading) meditation, so if you would like to 'do something' that would be a very nice thing for you to 'do'. You might enjoy it.

2) Weekly Cobra Meditation for World Liberation--Sundays 7 p.m. Greenwich Time:

3) Follow your Inner Guidance --with Joy!

Perhaps you might like to take a walk? Yesterday I read a terrific book all day, something I never get to do. I read the third book--The Inside Track-- on this page: It felt wonderful to take a day for myself, and not 'do' anything! 

In other words, 'get in tune with yourself'. Although it may not sound like much, a time will be coming where that is your only compass--your 'internal guidance' and why not spend some time getting acquainted today?


Reiki Doc