Sunday, December 16, 2012

What Happens When You Veg Out

You are a being of Light. Your Vibration is increasing much the way a child is always growing. There are 'growth spurts', you may notice, in dealing with children. They sprout up. Although the growth is a continuous process, it is not in the same amount every day.

Much of our spiritual growth in these times of change are assisted by the Higher Realms. Non-physical freedom fighters support us, for example, people who have averted death by a supernatural force yanking them out of the path to destruction and living to share their story is a tale that has been in Reader's Digest and Guideposts for decades.

When do we grow? When our mind is quiet. When we are doing something we enjoy. When we sleep. While we are watching our favorite movie. While reading a book. While stuck in traffic. While shopping aimlessly. In a word: downtime.

My sister was locked down at Fashion Island due to a shooter's presence yesterday. Everyone was so afraid they were running, and she thought perhaps there was a really good deal at the mall. But then she heard the shots. Thankfully, she is okay. But today, she says, 'I really want to stay in bed, but life goes on.' Her body and Spirit need some time to replenish themselves and upgrade following this shock to her entire physical and energetic system. She does not understand this, but it Is so.

My family is watching movies right at this moment. We have been under the weather. Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday we just stayed in the house. But as we rest (and blog!), we are absorbing far more energy from the Higher Realms than we could if we were otherwise occupied.

Be good to yourselves these next five days. Eat what you crave. Take it easy. If you are sensitive you might notice a slight tingling or buzzing in your body. This is a good sign that you are being 'upgraded' energetically. Think of it as a computer that has to have the latest 'update' in the system. It takes a short time and will offer you much better work in the future. Drink lots of water--be sure to put Reiki in it too!

Love and Light and Namaste,

Reiki Doc