Friday, December 14, 2012

Help Gaia Cleanse

There is poison out there, mother said on the phone to me yesterday, stay inside your house.

If my own mom, who is a slave to the news, knows about chemtrails, something must be going on! I chose to stay in the house to rest up. I have had the worst bug in a long time. It affects the lungs. And when I take an antibiotic, it is like the organism changes into a new kind of virulence! I have the stomach flu that with cipro turned to a nasty bronchitis.  The kids had a sinus infection that was runny for eight weeks. And now I have this.

Ever think about the power we have to Transmute?

What the heck is that?  'Transmute'? Kind of sounds like Trans-Mutation, that is not good, right?

Well, actually, 'transmute' is an alchemical word, that describes the ability to take something negative and take away its power.

We on Gaia have the ability to do that. Really! We do.

And sometimes she uses US, heaving and puking away, to Transmute some of HER energies of transformation through our bodies, instead of having an earthquake that would affect many lives.

All of our illnesses, be they respiratory or gastrointestinal, might have Gaia's need's 'piggy-backed' onto our own, and in our Healing we are assisting Her in the Birthing Process.

That being said, I am hoping for the chemtrails to go away for always. I keep up with the mantra 'I want to breathe'.  I have one day left of cipro. But I find for myself, Mucinex and sleeping extra hot with sweaters so my bed covers are like my own 'sweat lodge', help me increase my energy in the day.

Anesthesia can't call in sick. It is like being a mom. There aren't extra people sitting around ready to come in to relieve you. There are no 'substitute snooze docs'. If you are in the emergency room or hospital, someone has to work your day for you. I have had two people have to work forty-eight hours straight on OB when I had surgery last June.

If you are having lots of physical symptoms during the 'countdown' to Ascension, don't worry. You just might be helping Gaia to avoid a Natural Disaster at the same time. Be good to yourself.  Again and again, the lesson that I am getting with this last Portal, is to be kind and gentle and to allow Healing to take place in my body. Within the context of what can be done, as far as my work and home committments, I am doing just that.

Take care, and happy counting. There is exactly ONE WEEK left. I read today that all of the changes can happen in just one second!


Reiki Doc