Friday, December 21, 2012

Starship, Agartha, and Om

There is no photo to adequately describe what just happened.

I woke up and watched the timer count down to zero on the Portal 2102 website. I chose to spend this moment connected to my Cobra Family in Egypt at this time. I did the meditation as instructed.

Know that this whole 2012 thing is about Connection--we are One Spirit, like one Diamond and each of us is a beautiful facet to reflect Light.  Anything you read about this important day, if it is not about being together in Love and Light and Peace, is probably from the cabal. The illuminati like us separate, just like they worked to break up the Occupy movement. They knew that together there is strength. We outnumber them, 99 to 1.

Enough of the soap box!

I felt a definite connection to the higher beings above me. I felt Light travel through my body deep into the core of Gaia. It tingled, but in a different way from Reiki.

I saw their craft above me. I 'popped in' in my mind.  One of the beings aboard turned to me and said, 'for the people who scoff and don't believe--like the ones on the beach in Australia talking about 'where are the zombies'--send them love and appreciation for who they are. There is no scoffing that, and it will help them when they wake up.'

Next I was at the bottom of the blue column of light going into my head and all the way into Gaia. I was in Agartha. I met a very tall man, whose features were somewhat like a friend I know in Kona. His name was Myre. He took me on tour. I saw a sunrise. I saw dolphins and whales in the ocean, and they showed me a city of Light under the sea. I excused myself politely, because I was ready to stop the tour there and just stay, but I had to go. There was a blur of world wonders seen from Myre's ship. I can't remember them, except for a forest. I wanted to see that the animals who had been endangered on surface were healthy and surviving.

Next I came out to surface. I saw blue lights like a grid, all the while still feeling the tingling of the energy as it was passing through me to Gaia like before. I saw the pyramids, and the Light was brightest there.

Next I knew I was with Core (Om). But I was able to talk with it, like conversation. I started to get sappy and say thank you for making the illuminati go away--they were awful!--and I was guided to 'pull it together'. We turned and watched, and also with Om on my left, and my warrior Guide on my right, we blew three times. You know how a log is starting to light, and there is the blue flames and then it 'catches' and you see the fire all yellow and bright? That is what we saw with Gaia. All lit up.

Then I saw the Akhashic records for my soul. I was thinking, 'this is like an SRA, each reading lesson is designed to help with one object to learn!' but each 'lesson' was a 'lifetime'. I wondered what I was shown, which one was my favorite life? They showed me one where I lived in a countryside close to nature. It was a 'resting life' that the soul takes sometimes to assimilate learning gained from other more challenging lives. I was shown that from the outside perspective, one of the more 'intense learning' lives is 'best'.  And I saw clearly how this one I have now is one of those lives!

I asked, humbly, 'Did I do in this life what I am supposed to do?'
The answer was 'yes'.

Then I was offered a healing. Light filled my body. I asked about my sick child. Because I was the parent, and free will, I was allowed to pick them up in my arms, so we could enjoy the healing together.

Then it was time to go. There are going to be a lot of changes, not instant, but very fast indeed.

We are all encouraged to drink plenty of water and get lots of rest in the next few days.

In deep Love and Gratitude,

Reiki Doc