Saturday, December 22, 2012

Time To Rebuild

We have been like bettas in a beautiful tank 'Gaia'. We have been driven spiritually and by tradition to be at each others' throats, to defend our territory, and to make a beautiful display of the carnage.

It is done. It is finished. Now, on a Spiritual Level, we have Peace.

It will take some time for it to trickle down into our day-to-day society, to see the externals such as a change in what is reported in the news.  But in our heart-of-hearts, we know there is a difference. And according to Bella Capozzi, the animals, plants, and minerals, who were already on a different set of rules for Earth than we were, have now become the keepers of the grids.

It is time to let that one settle in: the animals, plants, and minerals are already the keepers of the grids.
There is an expectation for us to help care for them. Therefore, we shall become caretakers of the keepers of the grids.

Remember in 'Life is Beautiful' (La Vita et Bella) movie, where the father nobly told his son to hide and not come out until all the shooting stopped? Spiritually, we have all been like that boy, waiting for the good to win. And it has!

Before us is the rebuilding that we have left to do. Not just in our Spirit, but in our homes, our relationships, in our careers, in our society, in our way of doing buisiness...

By staying focused on spiritual principles with each decision we make, it shall be done. A new society shall be built.  One based on Love, Light, and Honesty. Take care of yourselves as we get this show on the road...


Reiki Doc