Friday, December 21, 2012

Guards and Mice

There are two images that struck me at this 12.21.12 time.

I saw a school crossing guard helping children cross the street, and as the guard held up the Stop sign high, made eye contact with the drivers, and used  the hands to gesture to the cars to not go, the children had little concept of the danger the guard was protecting them from. From their perspective, this is 'how we cross the street'. 

I think the same applies to our Galactic Family, our Angelic Guides, and our Ascended Masters. Because of their Guardianship over us, there is free will. Only we can cross the street on our own. But they have done everything in their power to help us to cross safely and to keep harm at bay.

The other image is a funny one--I have a wire cage with two mice in it. Ones that the snake won't eat. I came in to the room and had that 'somethings not right' moment. It took me a few seconds to figure it out: one of the mice was on top of the cage! It had squeezed out of a gap between the 'walls' of the cage, but because the cage itself was on a t.v. tray-like table that was very high up, the poor thing had nowhere to go.  I laughed, and fortunately had an old aquarium left over from Mama Rat. I picked the mouse up by the tail and moved the other mouse into their 'new home'. The old cage just wasn't enough to hold them any more!

That is the image I like to think of for us, Spiritually, in the next few days, weeks, months...we busted out! Now what? LOL

Take care and have a Happy Solstice!

Reiki Doc