Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jump In

Cinderella dressed in yella went upstairs to kiss a fella, made a mistake and kissed a snake! 
How many doctors did it take?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of the company of a second-grade younger sister of one of my son's classmates at a playdate.

Ever jump rope Double Dutch? It is an amazing feat that girls master around the second grade.
That first time you go in, both ropes swinging at the same time, is daunting.
But they can do it, you think to yourself.
And I can too.

This kid sister is an advanced soul. She is a total ninja. Can climb anything. Silently. Very athletic (all the kids do martial art together). And I could tell through our interaction, that it was she, her higher self of a MUCH higher vibration than me, letting me know what is what.

There is a new game in town.

You get to be like children again. And jump for the mere pleasure and challenge of it.
You get to relax, and enjoy your mastery of skills, like the advanced patty-cake game that goes to sing-song that all girls learn at that age, too. I remembered mine. I just 'jumped back' in time, and those games that are hard-wired into my brain just got to play again. After all those years of doing 'grown up things'.

These games from the playground are an interesting study. Why? Because they do not change. It is something that gets taught from second-grader to second-grader. And on playgrounds all over the world, the songs remain the same.

By accident, I stumbled across the one 'Now Moment' example we have known all our lives without 'knowing' it. The childhood games at school. And  their joy.

Jump in! Jump in to this wonderful time! Enjoy everything!

Be sure to take the time really to 'connect' with Source, and promise to be very good at taking care of yourself this week as the changes settle in.


Reiki Doc