Monday, December 10, 2012

What I Think You Should Know

Dear Healers, Newbies, UFO-philes, Angelic Realm Advocates, Occupy-ers, Gaia Supporters, and just about everyone else:

Let me explain a few things to you about the changes you might expect to experience in the upcoming portal. As I know it, Portals are a time where a lot of Light can be transmitted to Earth. It has something to do with the stars and the alignments of the Galactic Central Sun. I have helped open many vortex-es , and so have many other Lightworkers. It is something we 'just know how to do', for we are not taught. We just do what our intuition guides us to do.

The Portal is opening in two days, 12.12.12. A lot of energy is going to come in. And it will lock in place on 12.21.12. At the end of this period of time, there is a huge PUSH of a Combined Meditation that is encouraged by Cobra. Look under heading Day Of The Contact on this link, and read it all:

Do not be concerned about this wording. It was enormously successful approach for 'Reboot the Grid' in May, on the 5.5.12 Portal locking in I think on 5.17.12.

What can you expect to experience? To sense? To know?

Well, it kind of depends on just how 'sensitive' you are. For some, it will feel like a huge energy surge of Lovingkindness. Others will be 'zonked' as their bodies adjust to the energies. Some might not notice anything, but will find that their outlook on Life has changed for the better, while looking back.

What is it like to be in the higher dimensions? I can share.

I really am not three dimensional. I never was. I never 'fit in'. I knew something was 'funny' when Karuna Reiki attunements felt more like 'coming home' than a 'big stretch'. I also went into a healing chamber, in summer, through my meditation. But I was different after that?

How? Would you like an example? I have a good one for you!

I was in the nurses' lounge, eating my cold pizza because I did not have time to warm it up between my cases. On the TV was the Soap Opera, The Young And The Restless.  You know all that drama? When you are in the Higher Dimensions, it just doesn't 'get to you' like it did. I know. I used to watch All My Children. I loved some characters and loved to hate some of them, back in the day when all my friends and I used to watch. The drama fades--you watch it like an observer, it is hard to get 'sucked in'.

How else? Well, remember my friend who I did the anesthesia for the gallbladder? This time for another surgery, she didn't ask. Didn't request me. That hurt, but not like in the past. I was able to put her needs before my own, stand on my own two feet, and keep the friendship. The rejection of someone who knew what I did, energetically, could have been a big deal. But I saw the bigger picture. It could have been the surgeon's request, not hers. Either way, I know and trust that everything worked out for the best. This would have devastated me one year ago. That is how far I have grown in Spirit.

You can still be sexual without those three lower chakras. It is actually more loving, and more based on honesty and compatibility. And the energy of masculine and feminine is way more intense!

So--survival, strong overwhelming emotions, and the need to control--who needs it?

Wouldn't it be great to find out the truth about who we are and why we are here on Earth?

Meditate on  the time specified. It won't be instant, it won't be on that day, but it will make everything possible for the future. Being able to manifest anything you want. Working on something you love (not a 9 to 5 drudgery) only three to four hours a day. Travel from New York to Iran in ten minutes! The technology exists! We just have to make sure it is known that it is welcome here!


Reiki Doc