Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Opening of Portal 12.12.12

Three things:

  1. Sunrise: a big yellow sun was rising over the mountains, and with the light little nasty black bugs were squirming, scurrying away from the light, just like roaches in the kitchen when you flip on the lights. I think we all know who the bugs are, don't we? The ones who don't like the Light.
  2. Maya and the Flower: a blue Light entity,came out of the Galactic Central Sun. Her name is Maya. I felt deep gratitude to her, but also deep emotion as to how mean those 'bugs' had been. She asked me why I was sick...I was not sure but I knew they had been poisoning us. I want to be able to breathe. I made her a small bouquet from my garden. She gave me a single iridescent Light flower, rainbow white in color, round, a sphere about six inches diameter, with spiky arms that moved like a sea anenome. It sang and smelled beautiful and was dazzling. How could I deserve anything as wonderful as this, it must be so expensive? I asked. She said, no trouble at all, they are like dandelions there, like weeds almost, but very welcome and loved. She wanted me to share that yes we all deserve it. This 'not deserving' is a lie because there are no limited resources with abundance. She emphasized very much to allow deep healing to take place, they have experts to help us now, it is okay to lean on them in the transition. Be good and kind to yourself, and drink lots of water. She gave me a cup to drink herself. It was delicious and full of life energy.
  3. Not to worry about family: Maya wants us to relax and heal. Not to worry about family members right now. The Ascended Masters and Galactic Family are aware of our concerns and reassure us that everything is taken care of in the Plan.

Reiki Doc