Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Reiki for the Chronically Disorganized

This three dollar piece of plastic has caused untold damage and suffering to my home. It is a teardrop shaped shower handle. It is attached to a little brass 'stick' that allows for the shower to be turned on (up and down) and the water temperature to be set (warm on left, cold on right). It is from the seventies, when the house was built. They don't carry it at the 'helpful Hardware Man' local store near my house. They don't carry it at the 'Big Box' depot near my home. When one broke downstairs, my father looked all over town to get it. He found one in a plumbing supply store in his town.

Plumbers don't get you this when they come to the house. They fix drains and clogs and leaks. But not this.

To change the shower assembly would require tearing out a wall behind it, and thousands of dollars.

When the kids were babies, I had a maid service. I thought they were okay. Mom, who was watching the kids while I worked, said they 'smelled like a horse stable'. So I got another service. They had a cute car and a cute ad. The team was okay. Then the lead started to train others.

That's when I got the call into the heart room. Mom was in tears and saying it was raining through the ceiling of the kitchen and the garage.

The new maid trainee didn't understand the 'stick' and removed the entire shower valve from the wall while cleaning in the shower. It had caused thousands of dollars of damage in the time needed for the lead maid to find the water main of the house and shut it off.

I don't do maids.

I don't like the energy of someone else in my home. I don't like their breaking special items. I don't like 'hiding' things and 'tidying up' before they come. I don't like how they take a mop to my Australian Spotted Gum expensive solid hardwood flooring upstairs. I don't like how they flood my house.

So there you are, all for a three dollar piece of plastic that my plumber friend said was at the OTHER Big Box hardware store in the next town. (I had looked all over the internet and plumbing supply stores in my town, with no success! Dad had passed away and taken the name of the store with him. He had only bought the one, not a spare.)

I work full time.

I don't do maids.

I work full time.

I have a family.

I work full time.

Until yesterday, I suffered from CHAOS. This is a term that the FlyLady says, is: Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome. I also am a SHE: a Scattered Home Executive. She actually had a nervous breakdown over her messy house. She could not understand why as the woman it was her job to clean up after everyone else. Through powerful self-discovery, she learned 'routines' and is a world expert on clutter. I have followed her for years.

She has some powerful online resources and calendars with cozi for the entire family to be able to access. Just in case you want a little more ease in your life.

I also have followed this blogger for years: Jeri Dansky. She is a professional organizer. Here is a link to her blog: Sometimes I like her suggestions, sometimes I pass. Her posts are brief. But the latest one is a godsend. It is a link to an association for the Chronically Disorganized. Last year I took a course from the NICABM on Healing for Survivors of Trauma. It helped me both personally and professionally. This year, I signed up with the group Jeri recommends, so I can take courses. I want to get inside the head of the chronically disorganized. It runs in the family (this person's home is a disaster, approaching the level that would be on TV).  I think my CHAOS is situational (Parenting related--- I go by the motto: if it doesn't cry, it can wait. I also put major effort into this blog and this work of Energy Medicine. It is my joy and my life's calling.)

Consequently I suffer from toy overload.  I hate organizing paperwork, and I have a lot of it as a working physician. In my limited spare time, I like to have fun. I used to only clean when the kids were with their father on their weekends with him. But now, I like to rest and recharge on those weekends.

Counterintuitively, the FlyLady's program lets your house stay organized, and makes you plan time for fun. I didn't like having a notebook for my routines as she recommended when I read her book seven years ago. I think online is going to be far better. I am also excited to have signed up for online classes. I need the educational hours in the first place, and it fascinates me to learn why people go all the way to become hoarders. There is a whole spectrum of human behavior that I did not know. Anesthesiologists see just about every kind of person there is in life. Now I can understand and share informed/therapeutic lovingkindness to sufferers of this syndrome when I encounter them in my work; I will know how to best approach them to reassure them when it is time for their surgery. They think 'different' and probably have an excellent reason for being the way they are. They are 'perfect' in God's eyes, and I given them that. But know I can know, with medical interest, the inner workings of their mind.

Where is the Reiki in this? Where is the Higher Dimension?

I asked Archangel Nathaniel about two weeks ago for my pie-in-the-sky impossible dream: to live in a beautiful home that is safe, organized, clean, and healthy. (and environmentally responsible).
Archangel Nathaniel likes impossible tasks. Without my really noticing it, I figured out how to get the allergens out of my air (learned how to turn on the large air filter my sister gave me four years ago, and also bought more for each bedroom), saved money (by getting a correct size air filter for the furnace 20x25, I can skip on the expensive air duct replacements and just do a simple clean of the furnace), hosted my family for Christmas (only one area of baskets piled up in a spare room), and am on my way to educating myself about the syndrome of Chronic Disorganization.

My dream came true.

Welcome to the Higher Dimensions. Ask Archangel Nathaniel to help you. He likes Big Jobs!


Reiki Doc