Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Trust Yourself

As we approach the Event Horizon, that thin part of the hourglass made up of all possible timelines that converge into just one...it is important to emphasize that all of us are going to experience something new. The ability to trust your intuition right now is the only guide you are going to have through this process.

Never in the history of all time has both a planet AND its inhabitants moved up a dimension together at the same time. We have the attention of the multi-verse watching us.

That being said, there are a few things I have noticed in myself that I have read elsewhere so they might be something you might experience too.

The wave of peace and love in the middle of the night:  The Friday night after Thanksgiving I felt it. It woke me up. If you are sensitive, you are going to feel the 'upgrades' that are scheduled to happen between two and three in the morning.

The tug-of-war between the cabal and the Light: I thought it was food poisoning. There is something 'going around'. I needed  1 pill of cipro to 'get over it'. Do not be afraid to trust your doctor to get over any 'chemtrail-related' illness that is out there from the cabal. They will do anything right now.

If you want to sleep, make time for it:  this is one of the best ways to assimilate the incoming energies.

If you feel 'different', here is how: what to expect, the bottom three chakras are fusing into one 'crystalline' chakra that is white. Therefore, issues of survival, emotions, and control are going to become less a part of your life. You will trust.

Count on yourself to know what to do: At some point through all these media changes, the banking system and mass communications are going to be taken over. When you see new broadcasting on the t.v., you will know everything is 'won' and it is 'okay'. Until then, take everything with a grain of salt and trust your inner guidance.


Reiki Doc