Sunday, December 2, 2012

Yoda 105: 2012 and You

This year is a Galactic Alarm Clock.
Twenty-five thousand years ago, many of you incarnated from other realms with a sincere desire to help with the liberation of this planet from the cabal. Every reincarnation has brought you a skill to prepare you for your task at this time.
The overall plan is for every Lightworker to do their part they had agreed to do, thereby creating a beautiful mandala, the final mandala, creased by Source and Ascended Beings of Light.

If you have been awakening the past two years, it is no accident. They activated you to use those skills.

What about those skills? What about your childhood dream of what you would be when you grow up? That is your calling.

The archons have done everything in their power to block you. 'You don't get to live your dream' your parents tell you. 'Just be sensible'. That is a lie.

What about people like me? What about those who dream to be a doctor, and everything goes as planned with their life?  Well that is archon plan B.

The Archon Plan:
Plan A: harness your talent for the New World Order
Plan B: block you from using those talents, putting you to work as a slave for the Cabal

Here is how it looks from a Lightworker Perspective:
Plan A: do your mission
Plan B: be enslaved by the cabal.

There are Lightworkers in the positive military, in finance, in healthcare, in education, in politics, bloggers/media, and film. You can be one of them. All you have to do is follow your dream, and to manifest.

Manifestation For Dummies:
Yes! It is THAT simple! There are four easy steps (Cobra lists three, but I added one more)

Step 1: Make your decision of your free will for what you want (note that not making a decision IS a decision, and the cabal has taken advantage of this for millenia) Make your decision, and stick to it!

Step 2: Feel it, act as if your decision has already happened. Experience it in your mind. Imagine it. Feel it in your body. By doing so you are becoming a living example of your manifestation.

Step 3: Receive it! Take physical action. Take steps. Educate yourself on what you want to happen. Be ready and take the steps to be there when it does happen. Note--manifestation is not instant!--it can take ten, twenty years for it to happen. The reason why so many people fail in their ability to manifest is that they Give Up Too Early in the manifestation process.

Step 4: This is my step--Give Thanks to the Universe for providing this thing you manifested to come to you. It is important, very important, to stay grounded, to stay humble, to know your part in the manifestation process, by giving thanks. It is like writing a Thank You card that your mother taught you to do. It is courtesy and respect for the unseen forces in the manifestation process, and will increase the likelihood of MORE gifts being given to you through your power of manifestation.

That is it!

By joining together as Lightworkers, we can pierce the veil. We can liberate the planet. There is pressure from Heaven above, and the Galactics to bring Light unto the Earth. The Agarthans inside of Gaia, are pushing up to the surface to bring more Light and to dissolve the Veil that binds all of humanity in its net of Illusion. When the two forces meet, our planet will have freedom for the first time in over thirteen millennia! This is called the Compression Breakthrough.

By doing your part, by living your dream, and by joining in the combined meditation to liberate the planet, you can accelerate the process of Ascension and bringing the the Light to shine Truth on the Illusion of the Veil.

Here are two resources for you:
for the weekly meditation--

wearing this little design from Andromeda will help you more quickly manifest what you desire--the Andromedan Projector. I wear one and never take it off:


Reiki Doc

P.S. Planet X was a former outpost of the Cabal. It was liberated in three weeks in 1999, and has since been a support for the resistance. The people there were less brainwashed than here. Everyone was like people reading this blog in level of Consciousness. Seventy million teleported themselves to the underground Gaia to help, and have been fighting ever since.