Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12.21.12--Without the Veil

This is just a guess, an educated one, at the physics of what is to happen on Friday.

Let us imagine a layer like the ozone layer in the sky, that functions somewhat like how the ozone filters out UV light.  This one is a quarantine layer that keeps the Galactic Family out and the rest of us in, reincarnating after reincarnating. It is called 'The Veil'. If you have ever seen a photograph of Earth from Outer Space, the deep beauty is because that photo was taken outside the veil.

Part of what The Veil filters out is a high-energy quantum particle called the tachyon. I learned this from Cobra, and it was one of the first things the Pleadeans he contacted did was teach him how to make a device that lets tachyons in and can charge objects with it. I have  two of those items that I bought at the conference. Like you, at first, I thought they were hokey. But I can feel them, having worn them. They vibrate very high, like phenokite crystal. And they make me feel better.

The Veil is gone. It has been dismantled by the non-physical freedom fighters for the Light.

Every year, the pulse of Light (with it I suspect a great deal of tachyons), comes on December 21 with the alignment of Earth, the Sun, the Moon, and the Galactic Central Sun, Alcyone (spelling?).

Only this time it is going to hit with no Veil to filter it. All that Love and Light is going to hit, and to feel wonderful. It is going to help heal humanity. Much like Reiki, I anticipate it will go where it is needed most, and not have any side effect. Whether you are 'in tune' to notice it, like the 12.12.12 portal, or not, there is benefit to you.

If you can, have some downtime that day. Be sure to drink lots of pure water, too.

If you notice anything, please be sure to share it either here in the comments or on Twitter or  Facebook.

Meline LaFont is going offline to be with her family. She is with Pleadean Dolphin Infos. So too are some others. I plan to stay in town, and be online for the event. I will share all notes of interest as they happen.

Blessings to you all, and Namaste,

Reiki Doc