Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Are You An Extraterrestrial?

'Am I an ET?' you may ask?
Technically, the answer is 'yes', for your DNA of you and just about everyone on the planet is a hybrid of DNA from all over the cosmos, but the stock was from around Vega. (many ET's are human-looking, like us, Pleadian being the most 'like us' in appearance).

'Well what about inside my body? Where is my soul from?' you may also ask?

That may be true. One common theme for ET's who have incarnated on Gaia at this time for the purpose of assisting her in her transformation is this: an overwhelming desire to go home.

If you have this, there is a chance you may be of Pleadian origin, in your soul.

If you have this and are extra playful, full of joy, and like to dance, you may be from Sirius.

Other options are: Andromedan, Arcturian, and from other places, including the center of Gaia, which is home to a 5th dimensional society called the Agarthans.

Listen to your heart center to find what 'resonates' with you.

'If I am from one of those places, what do I do with it?' you may ask?

Chances are you are a Lightworker. And Lightworkers only 'wake up' when it is near to the timing of their 'task' as ground crew. Many have been awakened in the last two years or so. I 'pick up' a next wave is coming imminently. Why? Because a lot of us on Earth have various capability to deal with the negativity of the Cabal. Indigo children, and the Occupy Movement will have a much different purpose than the new Crystal Children being born now for their role once the Cabal are being cleared out.

Again--if you want the cabal to go away, make a point to meditate with Cobra on The Event--at this link http://2012portal.blogspot.com/

Either way, anchoring as much Light through the top of your head and into Gaia at this time is going to help her a lot. Imagine it. Light from the Galactic Central Sun, and you are like a 'Lightning Rod' grounding it into Her.

And what is Reiki in all of this? Reiki practitioners are 'attuned' to be able to channel 'Healing energy' through to their clients. I suspect this Healing Energy is another form of this Light. There will be a name to it that will be 'discovered' at some later time. Gaia needs Reiki now during the 12.12.12 to 12.21.12 window--Reiki type healing in a meditation like Cobra describes in that link.


Reiki Doc