Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Remedy for Darkness: Open This

My dearest Lightworkers:

You have the ability to drive out the Dark. Simply by willing is and shining your Light on a situation as brightly as possible.

Some of my most closest moments with God have been in the face of insurmountable odds. It is well known by my family that when I am afraid, I sing. What is not known to anyone on this Earth, except right now with you, is why I sing.

I sing to reaffirm my connection to Source--whom I call 'God--and I sing to prove to the Darkness: although you are trying to destroy me and might turn me into human hamburger meat, God is going to WIN. GOD is GOING TO WIN!

In a word, I choose music therapy in my heart and soul that is instantaneous.

Guess what? Each and every time, the Darkness goes away!

Here are my favorite pieces of music to listen to. They are in my soul now, for I have listened to them quite often in this life. Feel free to call upon them when the time is right and Darkness calls for you.
It will help you unleash your Heavenly Power of Free Will and Fight the darkness with the only tool that will ever starve it to death and make it go away forever--Light--Love--Laughter....

Beethoven's Ode to Joy--he wrote it when he was deaf and never heard a single note:
this is ten THOUSAND voices singing--and there looks like there are maybe only three drops of german blood in them all! Isn't that a miracle how lovely they sound???

This is the Carmina Burana. When I hear it, I 'see' the actual battle being fought in Spirit for our Freedom. I tell my children 'this is what it sounds like when God wins'.

The Last? It is the national anthem of Hungary, The Moldau. The history of an entire people yearning to be free is in the song. Here it is, above.

Remember, the last pieces of molten Atlantis (the first one, the 'denser' utopia in the Pleades) that exploded are in Hungary--they are Moldavite. Know your crystals? They give me a 'buzz', Moldavite. I have always loved them passionately...for in Moldavite there is a connection to my soul...

Light wins! End of story! Enjoy the ride.


Reiki Doc