Sunday, December 23, 2012

Multidimensional play

Yesterday I was sad. I felt trapped on Gaia. I recall one day in Sanitary Engineering Class, our teacher made an excellent point: you have toxic waste. Where are you going to put it? In the air? In the ocean? On land? I realized then and there we are on a closed system, everything is connected, and there is no way out. I had all this good energy from the 12/21/12 Portal. I was kind of 'done' with the status quo, and hoping for something 'more'. But I was back to my routine, and on another twenty-four hour OB Anesthesia shift where they can wake me up any time day or night and ask me to put in an epidural, do a c-section anesthetic, or intubate someone in the middle of the night who is in respiratory distress.

I decided to be proactive on my anticipated sleep debt, and took a nap.

As I was falling asleep, I sensed a presence that was Pleadean. A male. I was invited to go aboard ship (with my consciousness, my Mind, not my body like getting into a car). After making sure I could come back, I said yes.

I sat to his right at a white plastic panel. He said, 'You can go anywhere you like!' At first I thought of a tropical beach. Then I understood--ANY WHERE--and in front of me was a vast array of big red buttons in rows and columns. Each one would take me somewhere, to travel great distances. I was also reassured that everywhere now was occupied by 'friendlies' and no harmful choices could exist.

Will it take a long time? I wondered. The answer was NO and I was shown 'wormholes'. I pushed a button on the top near the right. In about thirty seconds, we were 'there'. We flew over the terrain and the city. I called it 'Venice' because it reminded me somewhat of that. It was a city on the water, but there were trees and hills off in the distance.  I saw some very Shrek-like dark olive skinned creatures who were very tall. I startled and I stared down at them. They were visitors to this planet, where everyone native to it looks like us. Somehow, we entered inside the planet, and it was like the lake district in Italy.

Next I knew we were swimming in the water. Well, sort of swimming. I had on my space suit, and so did my tour guide. I got irritated and said 'I want to feel water on my skin!'. Boom! I was in a swimsuit. Then a whale came, and I got to ride it deep underwater, all the while still being able to breathe. There was a city of light under the water, off in the distance, and we came back up.

Next I was dry and we were seated at a restaurant near the water. I ate Pasta Alfredo. I had wine. The food was delicious.

Back on board the craft, I pressed the bottom left red button. The ride was bumpy and took longer. We arrived at the land of plants. No animals existed on this planet. It was full of green ferns not like anything on Gaia, that were taller than our heads. The plants communicated by telepathy. What about the circle of life? Where are the bees to pollinate the seeds? I thought. There is no death except by will to go somewhere else, and a new one takes its place. They reproduce by asexual budding or spores, without seeds. We merged consciousness together. It was very Zen. I didn't want to leave, but I was told by my guide, it's time.

I was invited to try a higher dimension. I was taken to an Air planet. I was able to merge consciousness. There were no life forms, only free floating clouds of intelligence, that were pink and orange. I liked it.

Then soon I was back on ship. I asked my guide to take me to his favorite. The only thing I asked is for him to share what exactly it is that makes it special to him. I had to explain, he didn't at first understand my request. What is the point of going to your favorite if I don't get to experience your favorite thing about it? He agreed. Next I knew we were in a cavern filled with clear quartz crystals--the singing crystals. The music was celestial! And the crystals had intelligence. He enjoyed the healing, which is like a massage but deeper--into your atoms on a quantum level with sound and light. I got wary--I come from a contaminated planet, are you trying to clean me? No. He would have told me about it, if that was the case. So he was in another room, and I was in mine. I relaxed and interacted with the singing crystals. Apparently, the crystals like to 'learn' from our vibration, since everyone is different. They learn, much like a beginning Reiki practitioner 'learns' from feeling the energy of many clients to build up a 'vocabulary' for normal and abnormal energy patterns.

Then the phone rang. It was time to give a bolus. The whole thing took about twenty minutes. I felt refreshed, invigorated, and renewed with excitement. Could this possibly be the New Way of Life?


Reiki Doc