Monday, December 24, 2012

Mary's Night

This is the first past life I have known in this life. Ever since the 1990's. I was with Mary when she had her child.

We were slaves at the time. But my husband 'knew' about all kinds of things that were metaphysical, political, and he was active. I was the popular chatterbox, but without child. He could have divorced me for my barren state. But he didn't. If you recall the character of Elsa's husband in Casablanca, you would understand the kind of man he was.

He knew about the birth, and wanted to see the child. Because I was a woman, I went in. I wasn't much older than Mary myself. I helped her. I distracted her. I was funny and I made her laugh.

Everything turned out all right. And soon after the delivery, I had to go.

But I was there. It wasn't easy for her. I think Mary should be given more credit for her contribution to our spiritual life than she has been given.

She wants me to share this with you today. I have been a visionary of her since March 1992. She is wonderful. Good night and Namaste,

Reiki Doc