Saturday, December 8, 2012

Angels in the O.R.

Ever see the Meg Ryan movie, City of Angels, where she is the Cardiothoracic Surgeon and she falls in love with Nicolas Cage, who is an angel? She 'senses' him, unlike others, and it catches his interest. He falls for her, in a really big way, right?

It has always been like that for me. Yesterday was cool though, and I want to share:

My surgeon, who is excellent, was holding the part of the liver with tumor in it, and taking it off. It was delicate work, as there is a risk of massive bleeding at any time. His assistant, a general surgeon, was paying close attention, as was I, who was ready to start a massive resuscitation at any time in case something bled. (I have seen a clamp come off the vena cava once, and the patient coded in under thirty seconds)

To the left of the surgeon, closer to me but on the other side of the drapes, was an angel. He was very tall, with wings over his head, and I picked up a golden brown color. He put his finger to his lips as if to say, shhhh! and began telepathically talking with me.

He had been with this surgeon through many lifetimes, for the past 25,000 years. 'This one LISTENS!' he said, and I sensed that this was good. I watched closely at the surgeon as he worked, and I could tell by the intermittent pauses, that he was making small decisions as he worked through the case, and was checking internally to do what was best for the patient the whole time. 

Then the angel disappeared from view, although I could feel he was still there. 

I played it cool. If I had not made the choice to write about it here, no one would ever know.

The other interesting thing about the surgery on this patient was the intraoperative Reiki. The patient had the most trust in me, and in her team. As I did Reiki, like many before her, we 'talked' in the astral plane. She said kind things, hopeful things, about what is in the future.  I enjoyed spending time with her, and did a longer Reiki treatment than typical, all the while watching the surgical field like a hawk for any signs of trouble with bleeding.

After a while, I asked her if she would like to go and visit with her deceased husband for a while? I asked it as matter-of-factly as a flight attendant would ask you if you want cream in your coffee.
Her bond to her son was so close that she did not want to risk it. Even though I said it was okay, there was an intense soul-bond between them, much like Twin Flames. I respected that, and acknowledged her decision. 

It was beautiful to see that much love in a soul.

It is my hope that you have enjoyed hearing about my work. I have enjoyed sharing about it with you.


Reiki Doc