Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Irish DNA

Irish DNA is 'different'. It has the unique ability to carry more Light. As a Medical Intuitive, I recognize that this is going to challenge a lot of you who are into the Conventional Medical Paradigm: 23 matched chromosomes of double stranded DNA, 46 per karyotype, explains EVERYTHING. What I ask, is, what about the 'junk' DNA? What does it do? And why? If everything was understood, would not there be a better explanation for this multiply-repeating sequences of 'useless DNA'?

Everything will come out in the future. But for now, thanks to the input from Higher Spirit, let us explore the mystery of the Irish DNA, with pictures:

The Druids and the Celtic Line were the last of a peaceful Goddess-worshipping tribe that walked the planet. They were annihilated by the early Cabal, thus causing an imbalance in Gaia's energy away from the natural feminine energy with an overbearing force of masculine energy. (Did you know time stands still in the center of a Celtic Cross? It does.)

Their inability to destroy all vestiges of Irish DNA from the planet vexed the Cabal. Instead, they began a program of discrediting the honorable Irish people by casting them as stupid drunkards. St. Patrick may not have been the Saint that we honor today. Even so, the Irish are united in their love of their heritage, and the entire world celebrates with them in their honor to this day, be it with green-tinted beer and Irish parades.

Let us take away the political meaning of these two blessed plants. Let us hence admire the beautiful Love Energy of the shamrock, and unite it with the Psychic Awareness gained through Overcoming Struggles (thistle and thorns).

This is an image of the Mother Goddess, as One with her Fertility and Nature. Gaia is her home, and she belongs here.
This is the Goddess Maiden, learning her art and working to excel at her gift.
This is the Goddess Faerie. Isn't it amazing that after all this time and struggle with the Cabal, the Light shines strong in her still?
Set your sights on Ireland. The land and its people, are Blessed. Legend has it that the Golden Age will begin to rise here.

As we enter the Portal on the new horizon ('portal' means 'doorway') where the Goddess shall come back to her rightly place on planet Gaia...

Let us celebrate the beautiful gift of the Irish, and the secret societies that have kept the faith and schools of mysteries, until this blessed time. In some way or another, everyone is Irish....yes that means YOU! So celebrate your awakening awareness to the Love that fills the Universe, from the heart of the Galactic Central Sun to your own, that spark of Light is the same. There shall never be another one like you. Let your Light spark the awakening of everyone around you! Be a sign to others that the Light is here for everyone to enjoy! Gaia is well on her way back to health, and Love and prosperity shall arise with Her.


Reiki Doc