Sunday, December 2, 2012

Yoda 107: Healing with The Light

A prototype Healing Chamber

This is the last of the Yoda series, and the most important: how Light and Healing is going to move forward in our lifetime.

The medicine of the future is going to make use of Quantum mechanics, and incorporate it into the Newtonian-paradigm of healing that we have today. Surgery in itself, is very third dimensional--you image something, and remove it from the body. Then the body heals.

Let me explain what is in this picture:

the pyramid:  the science of Dr. Fred Bell (grandson of Alexander Graham Bell) came up with this design to promote healing in the space delineated by the frame.

the chalice: this is a tachyon-infused quantum device that takes advantage of a 'loophole' in the Veil technology.

the stones on the chakras: colors matching each chakra, little glass stones with a flat bottom, that are tachyon-infused. There is also one clear one between the heels.

Rob Potter put together this device. He said that twenty minutes was 'too much' and suggested we start with increments of ten minutes per person. There was a sign up list. As his duties to running the conference increased, he asked 'is there a Reiki Master in the House?'. Of course I volunteered!

It was easy, and pleasant. Nobody knew that I take care of people lying down like this every day at work! I found that my watch was not working properly while I was in the healing space. Time did not flow smoothly, there were spurts and stops, as if time was stretching. I had to make a point to stay outside and look at my watch to keep the list moving fair. On the other hand, every person inside it was amazed at how fast the time passed while they were being healed! No one seemed to cry or get emotional. But most sensed the energy flow.

There was a time where I had to leave to be at home when my ex brought back the children. I asked for a Reiki Master Volunteer, and one stepped up, taking over where I had left off. When I returned, with the seven-year-old Reiki master, we both took turns doing the healings.

It turned out that the other Reiki Master besides me and my kid, was a Divine Peace Healer as well. We were both trained by the same teacher! She approached me at the end of the conference!

When it comes to Healing, Spirit plays a part! Isn't this true in all indiginous cultures? Spirit was present with us too!


Reiki Doc

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