Saturday, February 4, 2017

More Happy Things!

This has been a most remarkable day!

I have only seen the good in people and situations.

I also sense we have had a major breakthrough, and although it is not evident, the split is complete...and apparently I'm on the the side I wanted to be seems...

Today I had a new sensation. I felt LOVE while I was serving breakfast to Anthony. Like, self love (I'm able to keep us fed!) and love to help him have a good day. There wasn't a rush, I wasn't tired, and I accepted that I had to go.

This isn't an ordinary Friday. It's one where he has to go away for his weekend. I usually feel HORRIBLE in the morning.

I was okay.

Traffic was good. I had a nice chat with Ross, actually, part of me was on board wherever he is--on ship?--and we had coffee. I recall clicking our mugs--they were creamy white standard mug shape and size--feeling confident and relaxed.

Work was fine. I had been guided to give bracelets to two of my surgeons. One, who likes the starfish and saves them--his motivational metaphor for his cases--also is a huge fan of the song Que Sera Sera from the fifties.  Well, when I found a Que Sera Sera stone, I was thrilled! I bought a bracelet for him and one for me--just eight millimeter round beads on elastic. I also bought a larger sphere, for I like spheres. Que Sera Sera is a mix of Llanite and Vulcanite, a form of Blue Opal from Brazil--or so they say. I couldn't find it in my books, but it is reported to have unlimited power supply/energy.  My friend is a total energizer bunny and it's  after midnight and I'm sure he's operating now too! )I think the stone takes after him! LOL)  He was thankful, but not 'thrilled', a little more pleased than just to be polite, but of course the whole concept is foreign to him.  I did pop in on his room, later in the day, to give a dinner break to my colleague who is call one, and I felt it working...the bracelet in his pocket...

I also gave one to my surgeon, a urologist who is young. It's funny because Anthony asked for a bracelet, something 'beachy'...and I made him one with lapis nuggets, shell, and river stone. Anthony didn't like it. He likes my two hundred dollar kyanite beads--because 'I can see a UNIVERSE inside them mom!'  (I bought cheaper ones--not designer quality--and will make him his blue kyanite bracelet. It it flies into the ocean like one has, or breaks on the playground, I won't cry lol).  But Spirit showed me it was right for my surgeon, and BAM! when the bracelet went on the energy interaction was unmistakeable. What is telling is when I said to him, 'I have something for you' and showed him the envelope, his first response was, 'I'm not in trouble am I?'

He was genuinely thrilled to have a gift. The energy in his is of 'New Frontiers', and team building.

It felt good to be able to do that.

My patients were awesome. I not only had sit down lunch (vegetarian! whee!) but a colleague asked me to 'give him the same thing I'm having' and place it under the TV in the doctors lounge. Yup. He had vegetarian too--tofu grilled slices with pesto, and the pho.

Let me tell you, I've been bugging the pho chef (Vietnamese chef) for three years to make something BESIDES meat on our pho Fridays! And today, guess what? He had tofu. He singled me out to let me know it lol. It was delicious.

I had a snack after that case, and did more cases, then was able to go home.

I wanted to write.

Ross wanted me to watch a movie with him.

My dinner was an apple with peanut butter on it, and a glass of chocolate hemp milk. I also cheated and got a small bowl of potato chips for the movie.  All my dishes are in the sink, the house is a mess, and I've worked a hard week. I can afford to put my feet up and let it wait till tomorrow, the chores!

I watched Alain Passard on Chef's Table. OH MY GOSH! I was THRILLED! It was in French with English subtitles. Alain decided to become a 'cuisiniere' at fourteen and never changed his mind. He studied with the best, and became a three star restauranteur, Arpege.  Then he took a year off. He was tired of the meat, the cruelty, the same old roasting recipes day after day. And he did the unthinkable! He changed everything, and got rid of the meat!  He wasn't sure if he could keep his Michelin three stars, and told the director at their office, I've made up my mind, now it's your turn to decide yours.

In France it is UNTHINKABLE to be vegetarian; the culture is all about meals with meat. They think you are crazy if you don't eat it. I know. My family in France thought I was crazy not to eat meat, and couldn't believe it, and kept trying me to eat some the whole time I was there three years ago.

He grows all his food for his restaurant in his garden. It really is works of art.

Now he serves a little meat, but no red meat. Just poultry or fish, very small servings. But it's mostly his garden.

I was super happy, and even had a small glass of wine towards the end.

Well, guess what?

My computer is jacked up.

I opened something to update my Adobe flash player and BAM! Malware.

It won't even let me contact Apple.

I have the damn thing unplugged. I used a different one in the house to chat with Apple. They suggested which is free.  I tried it and only more Malware came up. I think it's a goner, but I have an appointment at the MAC store. We shall see.

If Spirit wants me to have a replacement computer, okay. Otherwise, I'm glad I have the Apple Care, and have an appointment.

I told the Chat person it's the first time I didn't cry when something horrible like this happened.

It's true.

Another weird thing. I was playing Pokeman Go just on my walk to the car, and I knew I was catching a Ditto.

A Ditto is a special character who mimics other ones. You can't tell who it is while you are catching it. This one was a Ratatta.


My inner voice said, 'this rat here, if you catch it, it will be a ditto'.

Dittos are very rare! I've only caught three.


I had conversation with Ross on the way home. We were excited. We did it was kind of the energy. I realized the Split had taken everyone who is going to wake up in this Creation Cycle, and everyone who is not going to wake up, and separated their story lines.

They are identical except for one thing:  the people on the wake up Story Line are like I am right now, only seeing the good, calm, and aware of the preciousness of the people around them while they are still with them! (not after they go). The others, I suppose, will scheme and trick and continue until they tire of the games, you know?

I sensed that it will take time for everyone to awaken. However, I suspect like a snowball rolling down a hillside, in a short time the energy will be an avalanche of LOVE!

So with this, at almost one in the morning, I will say 'goodnight', thank you for listening, and perhaps tomorrow if Ross will speak.

But we really, really had a fun 'date night' tonight, and I was happy for the time we shared...even if there was a computer 'malfunction' and 'lesson for Carla'--Ross corrects me--for 'Carla and our readers'--tacked on to the end.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The couple