Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Ropes

Ross showed me 'a little of the ropes' his work is done.

There was a hint--

There was a correction to me, personally, from my last blog--a 'growing point'--in that although I separate myself from those who for whatever reason say they are 'so and so' who aren't in truth--I cannot become a complete Ascended Master until I reach out my arms to guide all, everyone, with just as much love and patience as the Ascended Masters who are my guides have shown to me.

It's like, okay, wow.

The OTHER part of 'the ropes' is that it takes fortitude and strength, just like being a doctor. And patience.

I have had things I have wanted to do for Spirit, which are taking weeks. It used to be that times 'opened up' and I was able to juggle things better.

I'm sure that these coincidences and alignments were more my teams 'arranging' things, and not so much my own 'co-creation and manifesting' in the past.

Now I'm doing it on my own.

Just like two nights ago, when I realized I only had choice for free time with Anthony or my mom, and I chose my mom...I came home early, and I had to prioritize.  I had to bring forgotten things to Anthony for his school, you know, he spends the night at the father and needs things for the next day, we pack for two days of school activities? And two very important phone calls.

My mother and I have a saying about being a doctor--'It's not like on TV'.

Neither is being an Ascended Master.

My first Skype call didn't pick up.

My plan was first call, dinner, second call.

I wanted to switch to make the second call first, eat,  then make the first call.

Well the second call for good reason took longer. It needed to be done, it was important work, and I was fully present for the needs of my students. I enjoyed the time working with them very much.

It stretched to time for me to go to sleep. I wake up at four in the morning, so my bedtime is very early. With the excitement, during the call, working with Spirit, which is timeless, time flies by unnoticed.

Right after we hung up, the phone rang again.

I answered a phone call from my credit card company for late payment. I hung up because I thought it might be a scam. So I dialed the number on my gas card and sure enough, I was overdue. I paid it over the phone (the energy exchange exactly covered it, thank you!)...what happened was on the bill pay with my bank I had forgotten to 'update' the account numbers to the new replacement was my fault, I had forgotten both to pay the one bill and to update the payees...

My dinner was the last part of the bag of Punjab spicy mix and one can of Aloha guava drink, while updating all the bill pay stuff.

If only Anthony knew how bad I eat when he isn't around! I was supposed to have courses and leftover homemade pizza.

As I was checking my assignment for work, I saw that the former first call, now switched to the second call timeslot, had contacted me while I was working with the credit card company.

I said, 'I will feed the pets and get back to you'.  I knew it was important to call, and I decided to sacrifice my sleep to get the spiritual work done. I fed our animals, changed the fish water, and came up.

Again, no picking up of the phone.

So I excused myself to sleep, told of the next possible available time--and went to bed.

It had been two days since I did my things that gave me joy, my learning the new language--my twenty-three day streak had been broken. I didn't want to pay to 'mend' it.  But I felt sad and understood now more fully how Ross, with all his work, could be caught up with less time for home and family, like he was in the past. It's the nature of the work.

In bed, even though it was late, I practiced my new language and 'caught up'--so I have a one day 'streak' now. And it made me happy to learn. I also did my Bookworm for about three minutes, set the sleep monitor (I'm measuring the quality of my sleep)--and nodded off to sleep.

As I fall asleep, I talk heart to heart with Ross. We had a good talk.  I'm amazed at how deep my feelings are for him, and I shared.  We talked of all the things I want to see on Earth. I want all the people who trick other people to stop. I want people to be happy. I want there to be no more fighting and killing. I want it to be a nice place here, a place of great beauty and warmth and joy.  I want it back.

It's work and it doesn't always go smoothly or as anticipated while working with other Spiritual people.  But everything gets done.  It takes an even higher level of mastery to make things 'look easy' from the outside.  Yesterday was the first time I functioned a little bit like Ross. And we shared the pleasure of my 'improvement' together, with him explaining more on 'how things work'--just heart to heart, completely unguarded, and me growing ever more in my love and appreciation for him.


Carla is late for work! Carla is late for work! Carla is late for work!

She overslept and snoozed for forty-five minutes! Her sleep was 'poor' according to the monitor.

I won't talk any more, although I will allow this concept to 'soak in' for most of you, and to expand upon it later.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple