Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New Life Experience

It's here and I am enjoying it.

Instead of a great big 'kaboom!' it appears we are 'easing into' the Higher Realms.

As much as I know Ashtar and his 'style', we arrive at the Pisces Full Moon with little 'hints' of progress, which I know what to look for (smile), and also, I am craving the Pisces stone Aquamarine for a week without knowing the Full Moon is in that sign, and I'm making bracelets with renewed zest!

(I also don't believe those reports about new portals in Africa someone who plays both teams mentioned this week at all! LOL. How silly to think convincing others this is so can make it happen again? Not in THESE planetary vibrations! Not on your life! LOL)

For those of you who are worried you might be my 'copycat' I mentioned in the last frame--no, you are not at all. I have people claiming the Divine Healing Codes as their own, and rearranging them and not giving any reference to me or the others or the original list.   Then there are people like this:  It is what it is. I simply don't associate with them.  There's another episode of Dr. Lisa on The Doctor's showing Reiki to the world on TV.  Nobody anywhere ever acknowledges me for my work--not Caroline Myss, not Doreen or Louise, not anyone on 'that circuit'. I am totally okay with it, for my rewards I can see--it is our connection between our hearts, me and you. One day the truth will come out for everyone. For now, I have Ross and Ashtar's loving support, as well as that of all of my teams.

Here is a new Gaia Portal:

For me personally, it was getting home, relaxing out of the stresses (I have many, more on this later), picking up Anthony from school, meeting his teacher, and being able to make a beautiful meal of 'little courses' which made us both nice and full without being high calorie.

Our menu was 'I Hate You' salad (an inside joke--because our rabbit has attitude, and can't stand me, and always says, 'I Hate You' to me, even as I am feeding her or cleaning her cage)--because it was  sliced tomatoes with a little of her organic cilantro on it (she knew we were eating her special food lol).  We also had Vancouver Island Iced Tea--Butchart Garden loose tea in Berry, with maple syrup to sweeten.  It was in mugs with ice and paper drinking straws.  Our next course was sautéed peppers and onions with on leg and thigh of our store bought pre-cooked 'simply natural' chicken.  We each had one small cube of gouda on a toothpick as our next course. Dessert what 'white on rice'--a spoonful each of coconut yogurt, next to a spoonful of coconut milk, next to a spoonful of whipped cream. The goal was to figure out which taste was which. Anthony enjoyed it very much.

I also finished the dishes and took a short walk in the street. I saw several of my neighbors, and was delighted to interact with them briefly.

It appears the house of horrors next door (who remodeled and put stress on my home) sold. At least it's been taken off the market. This feels 'good' to me too, energetically.

The National Enquirer has two notable articles, actually four. One shows info on a presidential candidate that is quite compelling. The other is 'disclosure' from the brother of Mariah Carey.  The last two involve Selena Gomez and Britney Spears.  It's saying just 'enough' to get people questioning, and thinking of 'the big picture'.    This is a good thing for each of us to question EVERYTHING--even me!--and to check to see what 'resonates' in our hearts as 'right for us' to accept as Truth.

My bad news--tax things I thought were resolved weren't--it's something big and expensive--I went to my tax man. And you know, I just wanted to skip the taxes and feed the birds with his secretary. She has wonderful crows she feeds every day, and she is just like St. Francis must have been. One, Atticus, can't fly. She's kept him alive for three years. Well, it turns out that day, someone who she could barely understand his english, caught her and came running out of his office nearby. He yelled at her with such hatred and anger. She didn't know what to do. He said 'birds cause disease' and 'I reported you and you will be FINED!'  She just kept thanking him, and smiling. But she was in shock.  She was very grateful for my support. She did the only thing in that situation possible. I told her if she must stop feeding the birds, she should start feeding HIM cookies! (she is childless, and animals are her children everywhere she goes. She's in her senior years.) I did ask her if a Reiki Request (prayer request) was okay, and she  agreed as long as no names and no places.

I see this now. People of lower vibration don't LIKE to see generosity, love, joy, and happiness. Just like the man responded to her happiness with her birds.

They act out.

It is what it is and our guides can support us. It's just part of Ascension.

There is no reason to 'throw the baby out with the bathwater' when people react to the Higher Realms and Higher Energies like this.  Love is the only thing that can work for them.

Sometimes love is hard. Day after day I meet patients who are sicker and sicker, more risky for the anesthesia, of unimaginably large size, who crave drugs. I get drained being around these people. The energy pull from them is strong. I don't know how Ross did it back in the day.  I enjoy iv drug abusers--to me they are refreshingly honest! I don't mind homeless people at all. And I don't bat an eye at the 'medical marijuana' patients who are into their herb a whole lot more than I am into my aspirin--it's just who they are and I accept it. But the barrage day after day of extremely low vibration--both from my colleagues and my patients--means I have to take steps to keep my vibration UP.

I used to add meditation to my 'to do' list.

Ross is chuckling.

I have now worked it into my 'day' randomly, and not always 'formally'--but I just PLUG IN and RECHARGE through the top of my head to Source. I enjoyed very much last night walking and 'Not Thinking' and just enjoying BEING--like I did when I was a child. That too is a form of meditation, just like other simple repetitive tasks, or creating art like I do with my jewelry.

That is enough for today. It's time for me to go. And I thank you for your patience, and Ross's, for me to have him speak to you another time.

He's smiling and waving, and mouthing the words 'Carla is late'...I guess that's another inside joke for all of us!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple