Tuesday, September 13, 2016

More Thoughts

The most recent one was how I realized there are so many barriers to travel. It's expensive. It takes a lot of effort. It's not easy to go visit where someone else of a different culture lives.

I think it's because if we freely traveled the globe, we would realize just how similar we are--and how would we be able to sign up to fight in wars if we had this knowledge?

That is why it's 'easier' to just stay put, and why the system encourages this.

Another thought I dared for the first time today to share with my mother, who enthusiastically agreed!

I haven't felt healthier than I have since I stopped taking my Prevacid about two years ago. I stopped it because I was at high risk for developing osteoporosis if I continued.

I had very bad reflux in Medical School. My vocal cords were all swollen, I had many sore throats. So my doctor put me on it and I took it for years, about twelve years.

But I also had very bad infections of the lungs, severe bronchitis and bronchopneumonia. I got it once every year.

Guess what?

It's now a known side effect of these medications--respiratory infections!  You catch them easily and can't shake them off!

Mom says she's heard of many drugs causing these things.

She should know. Her transplant anti rejection regime gave her both bladder cancer and diabetes.

She takes those because she needs them to survive. But everything else she is questioning and streamlining to avoid these more side effects like I had from my proton pump inhibitor for my GERD.

These are my thoughts.

I really don't have much more to add.

Except for one thing.

A colleague of mine took advantage of me this afternoon. I wasn't supposed to be relieved except to go home. He relieved me so he didn't have to sit and wait for a case at one. He wanted ME to sit and wait, unpaid, but not going home.

I checked and I saw I was correct, and I raised my concern with the person running the schedule.

They quick found someone else to do the case at one, and let me go home.

(I still have many tasks to catch up on after our travels out of the country).

I can see how we are almost at 5D because this person is well known for such tricks, and is obvious now to everyone but him.  His 'cover' is barely holding together, and it's causing ill will with the rest of his colleagues.  Someone else told our boss that if our boss has to bribe this guy, by permitting this type of behavior, then they will shut up and stop complaining. But don't ever think the rest of us have eyes that don't see, and we don't know or care what is going on.

I wish I had the nerve to say that! LOL


I am going to say a few brief messages based on what I have observed with Carla.

Carla is always late. Carla fights it. One day Carla will organize and not be late. It is her lesson, and she is making progress in it. Sometimes it takes a lot of internal 'movement' for external change to take place.

Everyone who is incarnate is like this.

I noticed gently that Carla is a little upset when she sees other people blogging/sharing her words and concepts without giving credit to her.

I want you to know that this is part of the Ascension Process--what works for you, and you share with others, might not 'STICK'--until they have their OWN 'rediscovery' and believe the words you have been spilling for two thousand five hundred thirty blog posts over the last five years are 'their own'.

This is part of the Awakening Process--the rediscovery of Truth, of What Is--and it is entirely normal on the part of the newly awakened. 

If you see it from where I am, Carla's message is interpreted across a certain 'bandwidth' of awareness/Consciousness. Only those who are within her 'reach' are capable to understand it. But when one of HER students or followers relays the EXACT SAME MESSAGE to THEIR followers and friends, it is 'ramped down a bit' and 'reformatted' in configuration of the energy, so it unlocks this Awareness and Increase in Consciousness to them.

So I want you to be patient.

Everyone will have their day in court! LOL--for all the copying and plagiarizing--aside from all of the true and deliberate Disinformation and Trolling--is part of how this is.

Do not be concerned about this!

Only look up and concentrate and focus on doing what is right for YOU at any given time.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple