Wednesday, September 28, 2016

In Essence

It was another long, hard call for me, a night once again where it was too late for me to drive home, and I slept in a hospital bed.

The PACU nurses lovingly called it my 'hotel', and with great kindness they made a true hospital bed for me, instead of an uncomfortable gurney like I usually get. I sleep in the isolation room, where there is no door but a curtain for privacy.

I am a certified Healer, a Karuna Reiki Master, and certified Psychic, as well as physician. I am a mystic, for I see angels and converse with them...I do mediumship for I seen the deceased and converse with them too...and also I communicate with animals and plants and trees and rocks in nature.

All this and a board-certified physician with the license to practice medicine, too.

This caught the attention of a director, who invited me to 'talk' with him about my gift.

I didn't know what to do. On the one hand it was a terrific opportunity to 'be discovered'...and on the other, I asked myself, 'why do I need to be discovered in the first place?'

I felt his energy, and his vibration in his energy signature, and it made me feel like I needed to do this:

I just wasn't comfortable. The whole field of 'entertainment' to me is filled with Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

So I ignored him, and his request.

He wrote back. He is persistent, and I knew he would.  I know people. I've worked at Cedars. I've already looked him up on Google. There wasn't a whole lot.

THIS TIME I honored my soul.

I declined, citing my natural shyness, and my unwillingness to participate in the project as 'it's not my thing'.  And I wished him luck.

In an instant, I knew now I was going to be for him, 'The fish that got away'.

His whole thing is it's 'fascinating' how so many physicians and nurses and other people in healthcare are going in this direction of 'spiritual' and 'metaphysical'.

I don't like to be labeled as 'fascinating'.

I never have and I never will.

I could hear my council cheering me as I wrote that response.

I am free!

I must explain something to you that is in the metaphysical, with an example in the physical, as an allegory to help you learn.

Is this a parable?

Not on your life.

It is only a teaching example and I will state clearly to help you understand. You don't have to figure anything out. What you see is what you get.

In healthcare, things smell terrible.

I am not being figurative. 

I am being literal.

I am saying, 'sometimes you have to have fresh unbrewed coffee grounds open and a fan to take the smell of feculent (feces) material out of the room so you won't throw up while you are working on a patient'.

This is MORE than the nasty smell of burning flesh when they use the Bovie (electrocautery) in surgery. That one makes me cringe, and it has more carcinogens in it than smoking two packs of camel unfiltered cigarettes to breathe that stuff. 

There are times whether it is your contribution to the condition (IVDA--iv drug abuse and addiction) or just plain bad luck, where health care teams work together to clean that terrible stench out of you and do what is possible to salvage what's left and save your life.

In other words, your choices, as a soul within your body--provide to you the lessons--which are pretty obvious so all the world can see--that you are poisoning yourself, you are being poisoned, parts of you are dying, and you might want to think about it, and seek change, to improve your health and your thinking.

It is a wake-up call. 

And sometimes people just don't get it.

Then they die.

Their soul goes UP with a report card of their progress on their lessons, and plans are made in the afterlife for them to be continued until completion.

No one is blamed or damned for not doing their coursework, however, their coursework still needs to be completed at a future time. Along with lots of counseling and coaching by their guides along the way.

Well, what about spirit?

Is it possible for our souls to pick up stinky crap and disease and need to be cleaned out by spiritual 'health care teams'?

Yes and no.

It is not like on Earth where you can go and say, 'I don't feel good' and other people figure out what is wrong and take care of it for you.

Your soul, your energy signature, and all of your choices over many incarnations is under the sole control and direction of YOU.

Can you ask for help? Absolutely!

You can even ask for Archangel Michael and St. Germain to help you cleanse whatever is holding you back.

Due to Free Will, spiritual beings can only help you if you ask for it.

Plus, YOU get to do most of the work. They are assistants. But only YOU can decide 'enough is enough--I want to change for the better' and that is accomplished simply by going along with whatever comes up for you at the moment, every moment, every single day.

You FEEL it. You EXPERIENCE it. You may cry bitter tears with regret, for instance. Then you move on to the next thing.

You and only you can PROCESS all of your emotions, your feelings, and your lessons.

There is a certain portion of the spiritual community who believe that everyone is blameless and faultless--and if you 'step on someone' in the course of your lessons, all is forgiven and all is well.

That's not true.

Outside the Illusion, all is well--yet outside the Illusion there is connection to the execution of the Life Plan and Life Lessons that will always 'stick'.

Your energy signature will always reflect the sum total of your choices while you were incarnate and learning your lessons--it can either go up a little bit in frequency--for those of you who make good choices, and amends when you do not--and for those of you who wish to 'sweep things under the carpet' then the dirt and the carpet and the hiding will also go into your energy signature.

This is NOT a harsh 'you made your bed now go and sleep in it'.

This IS a 'you signed up and wanted to grow in these ways, and if you did, more power to you!' along with the other outcome, so to speak, where perhaps 'more time and growth is needed' and 'you may have to repeat your lessons until you get it right'.

This is the beauty of the third dimension. Your soul is isolated just enough, perceptually, when you are 'awake' (but really dreaming within the Illusion) to be tested.  And just like on Earth, no one can take that test for you.  Only you.

So when you make choices that stink, as a soul, you are not doomed by this forever! If you reach out to Creator, and say, 'God, I really screwed up. Can you help me to put the pieces of my life back together so I don't do this again?'--all the legions of angels, and Creator will be at your side, encouraging you to make it right.

There never is a deadline where this will expire.

Creator sees both the good and the bad, in ways only a parent can, with LOVE unconditionally, even if it creates chaos, expense, and sadness on the part of a parent.   Creator will never judge you.

However, when you are disincarnate--outside your body--YOU will judge you.

And that's even worse than watching yourself on film or listening to your voice in a recording.

You are your own harshest judge.

And you decide what to do next on your lessons.

My grandmother Lucille died, and I spoke to her soul. I pointed out to her how she had the adoration and love of her whole family, yet she was petty, and unkind, and very selfish with her spiritual gifts of love, motherhood, and intelligence.

She recognized it at once. She saw how her heart was open for babies and that was about it. Everything else was 'you scratch my back I'll scratch yours'.

She promised me she would 'make a better show of it if she got a new body'.

And she did.

She has suffered, willingly, in this life (I know her she is a relative)--to make up for all the times she made my mother (her daughter in law) cry on the phone for letting her family get sick, for not cleaning the house better, and for all these other things. My grandmother would berate my mother every night, my mother wanting to be loved by both her husband and mother in law would take the abuse, and she would lose time from her family each night because the hour on the phone left the dishes and chores undone. My father never once stood up to his mother to defend my mom. He knew about the tears. It was sad the way he condoned the abuse of his wife in front of his daughters. My mother was always kind and loving to my grandmother, and in her later years, my grandmother apologized. There was nothing but love between them.

Once outside her body, my grandmother, with my assistance, came to see the inequity of her ways, and how very harsh it was on my mother. (She was so unpleasant that some of my cousins refused to go to her funeral, and of the ones that did, some went just to make sure she was deceased.)

That's why they are so close today, the reincarnate version, and my mother, who is now HER grandmother instead of daughter in law. There have been times where my reincarnate grandmother has said things that deeply hurt my mother's feelings. This is a lesson, she is making great strides in improvement, but her core soul needs to learn compassion and respect for others at all times. Every day....

So I hope this explains to you how you have the freedom to make your choices, either in accordance with your Life Plan, or against it, and further, unlike in the physical body, you are the only healer who can take the 'crap' out of your vibration, and raise it. You guides and angels and deceased loved ones are always waiting to assist!  But they can't do for you what you can't do for yourself. 

They 'supercharge' your healing!

And no matter what, tomorrow is a new day. There is opportunity to live correctly and within the scope of your Life Plan.

God is an easy grader.

But only you have the chance to do the work and turn your homework in.


I told Carla to tell someone something today about us. The two of us. Me and her.

I also didn't let her sleep, much as she would like to. She has to get new tires for her vehicle.

It is time for her to go.

I am going to have some fun with this (rubs his hands and smiles--ed)...with EVERYTHING!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Family