Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Just Watch

Yesterday I returned from a beautiful, all-flight-expenses paid trip to Chicago.  This is someplace I have never been.

It was a little unsettling. When we had a layover connection in Las Vegas, the clerk at the Ethel M chocolates store scared the daylights out of me:  he said there are fifty shootings every night, with forty deaths, and they have the highest murder rate in the country.  Even last night, my mother, said 'that town is lawless and it has always been'.   The Ethel M man made us promise we would not go out at night. We kept that promise.

What we noticed, personally, is that traffic in Chicago is very strange. Anthony noticed it right as we came out of the car rental place. He said, 'Look! mom, everybody is running red lights!'

It was true.

And pedestrians and bicyclists start crossing the street early on a red light, right before it changes to green too.

I was very sad about the rental car. We got it free with the room. And yet, valet parking was the most expensive in all my years of traveling I have ever seen! It was seventy-three dollars a night! So, in getting a 'free' rental car, I lost money--a cab would have been cheaper.

The funny thing is, that Ross insisted on us getting the valet park.

So that's the whole point of this blog post--watch--wait and see--keep observant for people to show their true colors.

Last night's presidential debate was an 'educational' session for Anthony. I am not political, I don't watch news, but I knew at school people would be talking about it.

Ross loved it when I talked back to the T.V.  To both of the candidates, when I knew their 'traditions' and 'team' and they were saying things people wanted to hear,, but were untrue,  much to Anthony's and Ross' glee I said, 'Liar! liar!'.

What I saw was something cleverly designed to make one candidate look good--the person selected to moderate, the camera angles, and who got to speak first...I saw very practiced, rehearsed responses.  And in one, possibly both, I saw very little in the pupils of their eyes. This is where the soul is perceived, deep in the eyes, and some people's eyes just have hardly anything there.  Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are extremely dark and soulless in the eyes. It can't be hidden or masked with a smile.

When the moderator asked one candidate if they would support the other if they won, and this candidate said, 'Absolutely yes!', I understood. I understood the political machinations, and how everything is designed and absolutely fabricated to lead the 'little man' to 'a solution'--as the 'little man' has been trained by the system to give their power away.

Even the premise that any vote counts is utterly ridiculous as we all know it is the electoral college, not the people, who votes in the next president, and for those who study 'things behind the scenes' we all know that there are nameless, faceless people who control just about everything there is, and they never run for office!

I'm talking 'Those who do not have our best interest at heart'.

Anyhow, I came home from Chicago, and the mail, again, was distressing. My health insurance policy is going up (I buy all my own insurance) and the coverage is less (all out of network is not covered, deductible goes up) , my house gets a new insurance on it by the mortgage company, everything is going up, up, up. (I also learned from my mentor my malpractice insurance rates will go UP with this latest thing, for three years, just like the auto insurance does when their is an accident.)...

I was so sad. I have a super hard week at work. A certain someone announced some 'portal'--I don't know why these things upset me but they do...

Because I am very close to these beings, the announcement of this 'portal' deeply distressed me, because I know Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart have trapped and harnessed and put into subservience MANY of these wonderful creatures.

At this, Ross said, when I asked him, 'what should I do about this? what does it mean?' advised, ' watch and see'.

So I'm watching. And waiting.

He also told me he had a gift for me. I had to go out into the yard.

I went.

Oh my gosh the heat wave has killed just about everything I grow! I looked and I looked.

Then I saw his gift. I've never seen anything like it.  The bromeliad I bought when I first bought the house, one glued to the foot of a plastic African Grey statue (which has since grown into about eight plants and fallen off)--had a beautiful pink spike of blossoms coming out from each one! It was a miracle. I've seen perhaps one spike a year, but this time, it was exploding with pink and purple, and I smiled.

Ross is good with details!

As I prepare for this week, I think I might have forgotten one thing to say. But I haven't had much room for him to speak. I will ask if there is anything he would like to say.


I love you.  All of you who follow us with our work.

I am ready.

I am prepared for what's next, what is soon to be happening.

Are you?

I want you to go into a quiet space and reflect on this message.

Who have you hurt while you are incarnate? Yourself--this includes you who did not live up to your hopes and dreams....those close to you who supported you like Carla's mother, standing in the background so you could soar?...those who counted on you and you, being human, neglected them (I neglected Carla in our time, in our past incarnation. I am still responsible to her for the repair of this)...

Is there anything you ever did or said that you regretted?

Now is the time to make things right. Both with Creator, and with those connected to you.

In all of your business dealings, were you fair and considerate of the other person?

Now is the time to remedy anything you ever did or said to cause pain, even if it is by accident.

And then we move on.

Your final achievement and placement in the hierarchy in the afterlife will reflect just how poorly or sincerely or adequately or thoroughly you go through this step.


But only YOU are the one who has the ability, while you are incarnate, to make the necessary arrangements for the amends to be followed through to their completion.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple