Monday, September 19, 2016

A Good Place To Start

I started this 'reality' in spirit both with a precocious interest in the metaphysical books mom had at home, and with chasing the Unicorn of True Love.

And that's a nice place to begin.

Each of us have our life plan. With a major and a minor. Some of the major subjects are Love, Money, Time, Health, there are eight mentioned by Sylvia Browne but I forget them all except for Love, which without a doubt it mine.

The minor is also similar, and I think mine is Loner.

Hers was Loner Humanitarian.

That's how I started doing readings for myself, trying to figure out HOW to heal myself and get to a beautiful relationship I knew was possible, but elusive to me.


Why, I don't know.

But it IS.

There's no amount of manifestation that can override a Life Plan Major. There a lot of learning to be lost if it does not present itself to you as written in your Life Script.

So my 'carrot' which kept me going through all sorts of hoops jumping and looking for peace for my heart--was Love.

Let's fast forward from me at twenty-something to now where I am...I have Ross and I am happy.

One of the reasons I wasn't happy back in the day is because incarnate angels CAN'T find a suitable vibrational match here; with Ross THERE and me HERE, at least I got the vibration part 'right', and I'm still learning.

I would love to be able to have him with me, and we could have an 'ordinary life' in 3D-5D...whatever.

He's clear about what's what. And I'm not so keen on making plans for old age alone, but I am prepared to do exactly that until I can go HOME.

Today I asked him WHY it didn't work with Tom? I loved him so much.

Ross explained to me how Tom loves me even more now with the woman who looks like me--he appreciates my sweetness by comparison with her...

In 1966 Bobbi Gibb wrote to the Boston Athletic Association (Boston Marathon) and asked for an application.

They replied:
We have received your request for an application for the Boston Marathon and regret that we will not be able to send you an application. Women are not physiologically capable to run 26.2 miles and we would not want to take on the medical liability. Furthermore, the rules of International Sport and the Amateur Athletic Union to not allow women to run more than the sanctioned one and a half miles. Sorry we could not be of more help.

She had been running thirty miles a day in San Diego for years! She didn't KNOW this 'fact' that women couldn't run long distances!

So guess what?

She ran it anyway...first woman to run the Boston Marathon, April 16, 1966:

Well...what do you know about that?!  Women CAN run long distances! LOL

Sometimes it's that one thing you can't do that is the most important thing at all.

I used to say, 'I could NEVER be a surgeon?! To open the skin and see all that blood?'

Guess what? Categorial general surgery UC Irvine in June 1996.  I switched to Anesthesia in 1998. Funniest thing too. My PIN for the longest time was some date I thought was way off into the future. It turned out to be the first date of my surgical rotation as a medical student! (I have since changed it LOL)

I also used to say, 'I could NEVER be a single mother!'

Sure enough, I am, and I am quite content and very happy.

Sometimes it's that one thing--something others tell you, or you tell you, that is written into your Life Script as something Very Important.

You never know!

This is the life I had in mind for me--even though I loved school like crazy and enjoyed training to be a doctor. In my heart of hearts I wanted to be like mom, nana, and my grandmother.

Today I am home from work. I am catching up on many projects and also the bad things with the bills and taxes.

But Ross, bless his heart, told me to go to Big Lots after I dropped Anthony off at school.

I love Big Lots.

There were things to eat for fall, like pumpkin butter--and I bought some for us and for some 'care packages'.  I found many things we needed, including a memory foam pillow that's 'cooling' for Anthony. He always sleeps too warm and gets uncomfortable.

I enjoyed so much relaxing and going through every aisle at the store.

I felt alive!

That's why I haven't been online much--for my projects--and I'll be back just as soon as I catch up.

I love you.

Last night we watched the movie The Water Boy. It's one of my favorites, and I enjoy it more and more with each year. Anthony and I had so much fun.

The reason I mention it, is because for several days now, I've asked Ross to be able to watch a movie.

I didn't realize it until now, that I got what I asked for last night. With today off, we could stay late. And I was so happy.

Ross is so smooth as he is helpful.  Yesterday when Anthony came home from his weekend with his father, he didn't look good. His color was terrible. He was starving. He's used to starving and now he's so browbeaten that he doesn't think to fight it. Instead he defends his biological father. So I just ask for the information, what did you eat and when, and as a mom and physician I know what to do to help him.

Earlier, on the way home from my work, Ross had told me to take Anthony to Indian food.  That was the plan.

He was cranky, had heavy eyelids, and wanted to fix something on the computer. I could smell his breath he was in ketosis--the poor pre diabetic child had been given only one bowl of cereal, and was told, 'it's not supposed to fill you up it's supposed to help you get by' (until what?!).  It was mid afternoon.  He had some cantaloup (he dislikes it) and yogurt (13 grams of carbs!) at his grandparent's house too. He was soon the sugar rollercoaster--too high, and then too low. His father doesn't understand how to keep him 'even'.

Anthony was thrilled to go to Indian food. He said he had been wanting to go for a long time! He didn't used to like it, now he does. He had mango lassi, chicken tikka masala, and discovered he enjoys lamb curry.  I was very strict with the portion sizes but insisted we have many courses as is our new custom. We also did an appetizer and a small dessert shared--warm sweet one with carrots.
He perked up.

Ross was smart. Because of the heavy meal mid-afternoon, I didn't have to cook dinner!

Spirit doesn't want me to baby Anthony. He was stressed. There was homework to do, and I was making him help me with the chores!  He got this quiet voice--which I realized is his coping mechanism with his father, who makes him do MANY chores. He was disappointed with me because he had been looking forward to playing his video game. (On Saturday, he wanted to play a game at an amusement park. He was there with his dad and future stepmother. They didn't want his money. They made him wash the dog that doesn't like to be washed the next day, to earn to play the sideshow game he asked--which turned out to be rigged so nobody could win. It was a lose lose.)

But I was insistent. Spirit keeps telling me to make him carry his weight. And by homework, I was there, side by side, helping him too. It's all on the computer, and they have to email it in to the teacher.

This morning he had slept well and was very happy.

I want you to know that this 'father and son' combination isn't the first time around for those two. They have picked up where they left off in the last incarnation. And my grandfather had diabetes. He is picking up where he left off in this incarnation too.

I know it.


Here you are!

Things are going to get interesting (points to his eyes and points forward, a two-move gesture--ed) if you know where to look.

(He wants me to say something--there was a Ben Fulford report that Hillary had died and the press was covering it up.  I believe Ben as far as I can throw him and I never read him. He is hook, line, and sinker for The Other Team. BUT...what IF it was possible for a presidential candidate to die, and for the press to twist it so no-one would figure it out. How could that be? It's intriguing, to say the least--ed)

He smiles. He wants me to say the other.

(I've been happy since the Enquirer showed a horrible photo of Hillary without makeup, and the stuff about her that was inside it. Why? I trust both Trump and Hillary as far as I can throw them. It's nothing to do with them. It's all about Our Teams--how they have incredible monitoring capacity and can remotely view just about anything in the Illusion. And how they can 'leak' things out, like this issue's headline...THAT's pretty exciting. That's a whole new twist to the 'Status Quo' if you ask me. So, ever since the last time, when there was the mysterious power outage at the Super Bowl, I haven't seen their 'hand' or 'intervention' for ages. Until that tabloid at the check stand...and if you ask me, that's CLEARLY a galactic intervention. : )))   )

(I ask for the last one--on What is Real--I've been thinking about it a great deal, but haven't written. Basically, everything I know, on a practical day-top-day basis, someone has told me. My science background and training is on the shoulders of those who have gone before me in the past. My metaphysical knowledge is partly from my own experiences--some I remember as a soul--but more as my teachers have taught me, and as my friends experience it and share too. It's amazing how little I actually am, or know, on my own--since I am appreciating how everything IS interconnected...ed)

My Carla can talk! And I can listen!

With pure and natural delight, as Carla has always had the capacity to understand the deeper mysteries and make them simple to convey to others, even to me.

That is her gift.

clap! clap!

Carla it's time to get back to your  assignments!  Tomorrow you might not get the day off like you are hoping!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins