Friday, September 30, 2016

Applying Love and Love Anyway!

There are some people in your life experience you are going to meet who are not as 'far along' in the awakening process as you.

Sometimes when you sense them, there's 'hardly anything there' besides the facade they have constructed for themselves, the 'story' they made up to help them carry out their lives that isn't true.

It could be the health nut who is addicted to and has dedicated their life to something potentially harmful, and their body is teaching them the consequences of their lifestyle.

It could be the profession where you are called away from home at any hour, and being woken up out of your bed or kept out of it because of some unwise choices someone else has made.

It could be someone with a totally different philosophical belief system from you who is acting out because of the new energies which are flooding the planet are really uncomfortable and threatening to them.

It could be someone who is actually the product of Monarch Mind Control programming who has been 'set off' by their 'controller' to go do something horrible that causes terror, confusion, fear and makes the news.

Love them Anyway!

Why Love?

Remember the Discipline I talked about yesterday it takes to walk the walk and talk the talk of 'living a life of Love' and 'Love is not Fluffy'?


Energetically, and scientifically (metaphysical science) this makes complete and total sense.


Because Love is in alignment with the will of Creator. And you can feel concerned and sad for the situation--but the souls who are involved thrive on the energy of chaos, confusion and fear.  So one step down that slippery slope with your emotions and attention, and through the Law Of Attraction you are perpetuating What Is--your energy is FEEDING it and HELPING IT TO PERSIST.

Conversely, the energy of Unconditional Love when sent to the situation, always helps, always gives to the fastest and highest solution to the situation, and furthermore detaches YOU from being further 'dragged under' by these Very Low Vibrations.

What's there not to Love?

After all, many of the times, these 'people' who present themselves to you and annoy you are 'reminders' to you of something you need to work on in yourself. This is called 'transference' and 'projection' in psychology, and commonly understood if you wish to study it.

And sometimes?  Once in a great blue moon sometimes?  These people who treat you awful are encouraging you to stand up for yourself, decide you deserve more, and to vote with your feet and opt to leave the situation in search for something better for you.

The only way for the vibration to go is UP! That's for both them and for you.

Ever since I was served notice I have been sending unconditional love to the person who served me, and to all of those close to them.  And yesterday was the first inkling I got that this just might be the motivator to get me out of my currently lifestyle--still staying within Medicine--and into something New.

I have had twenty years of taking call, actually twenty-two years if you count Medical School. For the last twenty-two years of my life, my life is not my own.  Last night, Ross encouraged me to just relax and watch a movie. Nacho Libre. To enjoy the comforts of my home. He had me go to sushi and after reading the mail, my phone rang. I had to go back in. I had to be careful to be politically correct and talk with first call because the nurses wanted me to come in and called me directly. I had just enough time to feed the pets and I had to go. I never even changed out of my scrubs!

Once at the hospital, I understood and did my best and took care of the situation.

Part of the reason for the emergency is Obamacare.

There is a certain specialty who is not considered a 'life-saving emergency' and the official line is that 'it can wait until office hours' and some hospitals do not even have someone of that specialty on call at night.

I know one such specialist, and when she goes in to work on the indigent, who ARE having a life-threatening or excruciating pain or having a vital organ (her specialty) at risk--in the middle of the night--because of Obamacare she does not get paid!

She does it for free. Five hours of it, if needed. And she manages the patient post op through their hospital stay too, knowing she will never get paid.

She can't afford to stay in business, and is thinking about taking a contract to be employed by the other hospital so at least she can keep her office open and running and make payroll.

When the Obamacare 'not a life-saving emergency' turns into a genuine, the real deal, life threatening one with overwhelming infection, that's when the OR teams get called in. Fortunately for us, last night, everyone got paid.

Changes in medicine and healthcare are happening so fast you can't believe it. Even when you are within the system.

Even then, the solution is to Love--and to have faith--to ask, ask, ask Creator for 'something better'--and hang in there until this Ascension thing is done.


I love you.

I always, always, always love you.

And I always will.

You are incarnate upon the planet, and reading these words and getting your strength and guidance from them, because of a plan you agreed to before you were born for your very first incarnation, a long ways back!

And you are doing beautifully in your progress!

Read the words.

Apply them to you.

Love yourself.

And allow the rest to proceed naturally like a flower will blossom when given food and water and light.

This is the 'light' so to speak, and your soul can do nothing more but thrive on it--this is true for your soul receiving the unconditional love and respect from both of us, me and Carla--and it is natural for--in time--your heart to extend once it is 'full' and offer this love to everyone and everything there is around you.

So drink. Drink up! Have your fill of this energy which supports and sustains you, nourishes you, and eases your growth!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple