Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Heart of Hearts

Today was a difficult lesson.

It required being present, and allowing the sequence of events to take place.

Like almost all work of the angels, it was subtle, almost imperceptible.  But I 'got' it, and as I was going to sleep, Ross let me know I did well.  It is my choice to get up and write it down before I forget.

Love isn't fluffy.

It isn't going to die like the flowers you give on Valentine's day. Or pop or deflate like balloons.

Love isn't the 'love' they market with merchandise as something cute, transient, or ephemeral.

LOVE--the real kind--the basis of all existence--is the strongest thing there is!

There is nothing like it.

Nothing could exist without it.

At times it is soothing, supportive, comforting--I prefer the description 'nurturing, warmth, love and compassion' myself...but this is only one way of looking at it.

Love allows us to be free, to reach our dreams, and to appreciate what blessings Creator has given us!

Love is a discipline.

Love is an art.

Love is a way of life, a way of living your life to its fullest--for only then you are in complete and total alignment with the will of Creator.

Ross gets a bad rap sometimes. He is portrayed as weak, thin, and not 'manly' like 'other men' in historical or common household terms.

He is 'different'.

But that's not true.

Ross spit nails. He was as tough as it gets, mentally, physically, emotionally. Ross was smart, highly intelligent--perhaps not as diligent and studious as me, who loves books and learning--but very wise and highly respected in every single one of his incarnations I shared with him!

I want you to see that there is a 'twist' to everything there is 'out there'--and that this 'twist' is a deliberate misrepresentation of Truth, of eternal, Universal laws like how everything runs OUTSIDE the Illusion...

And I want you to watch for it in our time which remains inside the Illusion as it is slipping away.

Earlier today, after the tires, I was hungry. Both sleepy and tired and hungry.

Ross sent me to the crystal shop.

I was like, 'okaayyy honey...all right I'll go'.

I saw Brandon and Amanda for the first time in ages. They are remodeling and showed me the plans.

Next a woman came into the store. I was appalled by the words on her satchel:
 I (upside down star) rock.

The thought of that image and the shop which is sacred to me, just got my little hairs on the back of my neck to stiffen.

Brandon set the tone. He was genuinely kind, and welcoming.  He helped her find the item she was looking for.  She said loudly two things:

  1. It took one hour to take two buses to arrive to the store (a ten minute drive, tops by car) 'to save money'
  2. She was going to do 'a ritual' tonight, her first one.
I have no idea what that ritual is.  I know the new moon is coming, the second new moon, a 'Black Moon'--this weekend.

She bought like, five small green stones and one other colored one. 

That's it.  

To me, and this is only my impression--through the woman's portrayal in my day's experience--is that what APPEARS to be 'strong' and 'badass' and 'dark' is actually a heck of a lot weaker than it believes.

It's 'fluff'.

And it can only 'work' in its limited capacity under the Veil for those who believe in it...for a short time until the veil is lifted for us all.

There you have it.

If it wasn't for Anthony stalling for bed, playing his music, and this song going on many times, and his buying it:

I was thinking about how glad I am to have Ross. How nice it was for Anthony to sit next to me on the couch where I did my DuoLingo...and just to hang out with him.  For once!

Then it all clicked. 

That's why I got myself up and out of bed, tired as I am, to write.

Love is forever.

It's not going away.

And from the look of things, perhaps we should start thinking about making more room for it in our lives.

Not the stuff you buy for holidays, or hope will be promised to you through some diamond ring and fidelity...

I'm talking the undiluted, REAL thing, that we get to have back home when we are up in Heaven, 24/7--coming here and now to all of us incarnate on Gaia--all of our soul families for generations, all of our friends and loved ones we ever had--somehow our being aware of their presence as if they have never left us---and everything beyond our wildest dreams is coming true!

Nurturing. No one will be hungry again.

Warmth (but not too hot! not like our one hundred degree fahrenheit days here in the OC!)

Love  (the kind that is conveyed when someone looks at you, and in an instant knows everything you ever thought or did, and LOVES YOU ANYWAY)

Compassion (being able to give it, and to receive it freely, without fear of being vulnerable, or 'taking risk of being hurt')

Kindness and Gentleness--as a way of life! For all of us, not just the select few who practice it but everyone on Earth...even the slow ones who struggle will still understand the benefit of kindness.

All of this, perfect health, perfect on its way to us!

And even if it takes two days, two weeks, two years or two decades--the light at the end of the tunnel is clear...and every day brings us closer to our goal.

An eternity of contentment and joy and peace.

Try to exist in it for long stretches until it becomes a habit.   And the best way to practice it, is to be quiet and just contemplate on it, and to allow all this Good Stuff which Strengthens You in Body, Mind and Soul---IN.

Today I just lay on my porch swing in the sun. It's got spiderwebs I had to clean up, I haven't been home long enough to use it. I invited the energy of the sun to just cleanse my aura, and remove anything that wasn't helping me to grow and be all I was meant to be.

That too is a form of meditation.

Anything that is away from electronic devices and their noise is going to help. 


Tomorrow is today--together they are both connected.

I also have a special message to a soon to be, if not already, widow who is in Canada, a very dear reader and friend:
I too know the sorrow of being a widow. To my knowledge I was widowed by Ross in all of our incarnations three times. It is a terrible pain to bear. I can see now perhaps it is a form of birth pain as we release our loved ones from our hearts and ability to interact with them on a physical level --to New Life for them.

Although there is consolation, great great consolation that in the Afterlife for our beloveds there is no pain, and everything works and is healthy--I've had months and years of making sure Ross is really OKAY because I am so wounded I have to be reassured and 'check'--the healing  from the loss must come in its own time.

With the energetics, with the loss of a loved one in our immediate family, there is a huge disconnection in energy flow between the aura of our loved one and us. 

It must heal.

It can heal, and it will heal.

But it takes time.

And the best part about the whole thing, the silver lining, if there is one appropriate to share at a time like this?

It's that they never had to live without you, not for a single day, and perhaps as painful as it is to bear the loss, it is a blessing that it was not the other way around with you leaving them.

A great deal of love and Reiki is sent from us to you and your family.

Ross is the best man for the job when it comes to welcoming someone who transitions Home.

I'm so very proud of him for this, his dedication, his kindness and his love.


Now Carla?

Get some rest.

Go to sleep.

Tomorrow is a busy day for you, followed by another one.

You are in my heart and I want you to rest in my arms, my spirit ones...come home to me in your dreamtime and let me love you as I have never stopped doing since time began.

The names and faces are a little different, from one incarnation to the next--but my love for you is constantly growing...just like this...

(This is a delight! I didn't know my favorite group the Spinners cover this song by Spiral Staircase--thank you Ross!!! --ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins