Thursday, September 8, 2016

Time To Go

Today I am going to talk about the unspeakable:  what's next?

What happens after all this Ascension thing we have been working toward for most of our lifetimes?

The answer is, 'I don't know; I am not clear; I am not sure, but I see it approaching rapidly.'

Today there was this:

And overall, I have had the feeling I have been living on 'borrowed time'. Let me explain.  Last year I was told by Ross we wouldn't be back to Victoria. It was to be our last time, and to enjoy it.

In many ways this is truth--the Empress has been 'renovated' and the tea is frankly, traumatic after the many changes (If you have seen Anjelah Johnson with the Nail Salon, you will understand how smoothly they up-sell the guest at the Empress Tea)...our favorite Poutine stand is closed. Our friend who lives on a houseboat switched homes with her son.  The whale watching company we adore just got a closed boat like the one back home, and there is less emphasis on the open one. And when we went whale watching, the weather was terrible. It rained and we were soaked and chilled to the bone.  The magic that remains is in the hearts of the workers where we stay--people who have watched Anthony grow up (he's been coming since he was five)....and just with enjoying spending time with Anthony.

The other magic is having the free time to pass my days, to wake up and go to sleep when I like, and that is a very wonderful gift in and of itself too.

Ross is VERY quiet here. I asked him for warmth during the three hour boat ride, and he did send me this to my chest.

Quiet for him means he's occupied with a great many things.

I don't get any preference on what comes next, not enough to explain it to you.

I sense a great state of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion will envelop us all.

I sense my last great lesson is complete--someone very close to Ross I struck up a friendship with--someone who channels him. It's the next best thing. It  helps. I am one to easily form a crush--and all those things from my youth started happening--thinking all the time about him, wanting to know more about what he likes--I've done this so many times before Ross, and every single time it's broken my heart.

It's difficult for I am an empath, and I wasn't sure which direction those feelings were going--me to him or him to me.

But I said, 'No!'--it is ILLUSION that any relationship can ever 'work' for me while I am incarnate--and this is an old habit I want to quit, this falling in love and hoping that someone will take care of me.

It is a fairy tale that I believed! I heard it all the time growing up:  and they lived happily ever after.

That is EARTH and I don't want the things of Earth any more, only Spirit.

The friendship is nice, and I can enjoy it. I will keep my feet on the ground, and my heart where it belongs, up with almost invisible Ross who is always at my side but I just can't control anything about the relationship. Not any more than I could control my relationship with him when he was alive, for that matter! Both of us are headstrong when it comes right down to it.

I accept, I accept, I accept what IS.

I accept full responsibility for my choices while I am incarnate.

I am fixing everything possible in the meantime that I can.

I have set my affairs in order--not the worldly ones, but in Spirit.

I don't know what comes next. But I know it is different, I sense it, and I feel it. I sense there isn't going to be unlimited free time as some people think.  Everyone will have to work, and they work a lot (based on what our deceased loved ones have told me and my mother--they get one week vacation a year and they don't sleep)

I am okay with it.

I am okay with everything.

I have a few more days left to enjoy Victoria.  We love it here.  We give thanks for here. Then we will have to go.

Just like how you count the days to the end of your vacation, this is the phase my soul is in right now.

And just like the end of vacation, I am making the days count, and making the memories I want to keep with me forever.


There is no 'next best thing'.

It either is or it isn't.

Many of you fool yourselves into thinking something is 'right' when in fact it is not (right for you or meant to be).

Carla has spent all the time from age seven to forty-nine chasing after a dream of recapturing 'what was once lost' between us, me and her.

The role of 'me' has been cast by many--even a silent buddhist chef...(one finger goes up!--ed) but what is constant is with all the hearts and faces, Carla has been homing in on the highest vibration on earth she could find...for that IS me, the highest compatibility and vibrational match for her.

Although both were on their best behavior when they spoke, and there was the connection of having known one another for a long time (multiple incarnations--ed) and the friendship was in fact, genuine, (waves finger side to side--ed) in fact there was the distortion on both sides due to all of their life experiences spent in all incarnations on earth. (he shows 'coke bottle bottom' glasses on himself, and how it bends the light when you have normal vision--ed)

It is time to go back to that holy place deep within our hearts, and forgive ourselves for all the scratches and scars we have 'collected' in our many lives we have walked upon Gaia's surface, and to heal.

It is time to increase our connection both to one another, and to our guides who lovingly protect us (he points to himself, and is so adorable!--ed)...and to relax and to have fun.

Everything is changing. It always has, and it always will, for that is the nature of Creation.

Including you--and always for the better.

I love my wife and soul mate, and I am delighted she passed the last test. Now she is safely in my loving arms.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple