Sunday, September 25, 2016



I'm not able to share photo images on my iPad.

But I'm back.

My mission was in Chicago.  It encompasses several things.

The first was to do an honor for my father who is deceased.

We took my cousin's daughter Lindsay to her first Cubs game.

It wasn't easy.

She invited her roommate. She didn't want to meet us at the gates at the time we were going to show up. She offered to buy us a treat or to pay us for her roommate's ticket--which is good manners--but we didn't want to do anything more than wish her good luck with her new life in Chicago (just moved here last weekend) and enjoy her company.

We left their tickets at Will Call, and everything worked out.

It wasn't until I was AT Wrigley Field, that I remembered how my father enjoyed taking her father out to MANY a baseball game. He was the son my father never had, and he enjoyed his company very much. But it all went sour over inheritance (my grandparents divided the estate to their living children, and my cousin's mom pre-dececeased her mother)...when Ron stopped speaking to my father.

In both cases, with Dad and Ron, and with me and Lindsay, LOVE had the final word. Love overlooks lower vibrations, and is not encumbered or restrained in any way by people's lack of Consciousness.

This is Grace.

My first love Tom is a cousin to Joe Maddon, coach of the Cubs. I met him in 1982, at Tom's house, when Joe and his wife and two peach faced love-birds were staying with his aunt Teddy as he just came to be a scout for the Angels.  He was the kindest man, and loved the birds. I was fascinated by them.  I was also fascinated by his empty orange juice can (frozen kind) and his chewing tobacco. I'd never seen it before in my life.

My heart was filled with love and gratitude to Joe, for living his dream. Anthony wanted me to say hi. I was shy. (I am shy by nature).  Later, I went to the end where he was warming up his pitchers, and yelled, 'I know your Aunt Theodora 'Teddy' Klocek Rickenbach! HELLO Joe!'

He heard me but didn't respond. She has been dead many years, but his Hazelton, Pennsylvania Polish cheekbones are just like hers. And THAT's why you hear polka's before the game.  I just wanted him to know I was there, and I was praying for him.

I said that prayer out out, in front of the fans.  Quietly, but I spoke the words, 'Dear God (and messenger angel), even though he chooses to ignore me, please bless him and let him know my love and joy to see him again, and my wishes for his success with his team.'

I look JUST like Tom's wife. Actually, she looks like me.  Later, when I was with Anthony where more pitchers were, front row, I saw Joe look. I'm friends with Tom on FB, and I'm sure he's seen either my post or my resemblance to his wife. He knew.

I know one day, he will be telling people he knows me! LOL. And even then, it will be all forgiven, and there is only love.

My assignment is to LOVE all of Chicago. And I am. The people here are delightful, they have such beautiful hearts. I like to think they accept nature more than others--due to the harsh winters and seasons--and this makes them more flexible than people who live in Southern California like me.

I think today's new Gaia Portal bears this out.  Being here for my family, and the people, is what this life is all about. If you could have been at the top of the Willis Building yesterday, and seen the joy and was all these people doing this crazy thing of stepping out on a glass ledge and enjoying the view...LOL. Life is sweet, all is excellent, and tomorrow I head home.

Now it's time for some fun!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc