Monday, September 26, 2016

More To Say

So much to say!

So little time. And space here, on the blog. My iPad fits only so much on a screen.

Travel is a good thing. It's always full of surprises and it makes you adapt. This trip's surprises included--Anthony isn't doing well in his math, even though he gets good grades, because his fundamentals aren't being followed every time. Yesterday I was in shock at how long it took him to do it, to do it right, and for his attitude.  As an engineer, I nipped his bad habits like a Tiger Mom, and we are going to have to have me check his work more.

The other shock was how he needed time swimming, and taking a bath (eating popcorn and watching a movie on the cool bathroom mirror). We missed what I wanted to do. I missed the art museum, the aquarium, and Navy Field, the Bean.

And it's okay.

Today I want to talk about managing expectations, and communication. By being clear and up front, we accommodate others. We had a beautiful hotel, and enjoying the room was what was needed most.  I got my architecture tour, so I got 'something'. I think the best part was buying Wrigley's Doublemint Gum IN the Walgreens in the actual Wrigley building. That was cool.

In life, we are given opportunities to be our best selves. And when we fail, although there is love and only love, we ARE ACCOUNTABLE for our choices!

Amends are ALWAYS in order.  We wouldn't be IN the Illusion if there were not true rewards available.

So, just for today, pick up the phone and call that person you're 'not speaking with'.  Send a letter of apology. The Ho'oponopono is a good technique. It goes:

  1. I'm Sorry
  2. Please Forgive Me
  3. Thank You
  4. I Love You

It is never too late, even if your 'loved one' is deceased.

We are awakening soon, then the benefits of the Illusion (making right while there is still time) won't be as effective when everyone is awake.

I am in the part now where it's hard to see what I type.

I must go and board a plane too.

All is well.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc