Thursday, September 15, 2016


So much is happening!

I just came back from a visit with Tim Braun. It was a mediumship session. All is well. It's not the answers to everything, but the relatives who came through helped in ways I hadn't understood or appreciated, and they explained how. For example, my father brought his mother to help me (since my cracks in my house ten months ago) to help me be grounded like her, and to calm the heck down. Anthony picks up on it. She's been helping me all these months. And really, it's been amazing, even being clear-headed enough to fire my real estate lawyer who was a crook. I got out before I lost really big on my money.  It was 'experience'.

On the way there, I asked Ross, 'HOW can you hear me? How can anyone up there HEAR me when I think of them? How does it work?'

Ross let me hear a sound. It was like a crowded place, like an auditorium or playground.

I was like, 'what???'

He let me hear it again.

Then he showed me an image of the children playing on the playground, and I could tell just by listening when it was Anthony who was crying, 'MOM!' and not any of the other kids.

I can't explain how as a mother I am able to do this. I just can.

From what I understand, Ross and our deceased loved ones can hear us through the din--they know who we are--an no matter what they are doing, they come when they are asked.

For example, my beloved Nana Angelina was very 'chipper'--that's how she was when she met Ross at her Transition. I told Tim how she was Jehovah Witness, and I didn't think she believed in any of this mediumship stuff. He said she said, "I was asked and so I came" (to my session). She is the kind of person to keep her word, and she did. She's never come through before, and I was thankful.

Remember the lawsuit with my friend's wrongful termination? It's over. Huge huge huge sigh of relief!

(we had been short staffed because of it, and also, there was concern about the security of our contract with the hospital).

Here are some 'things' wonderful people sent my way. What is happening is that after all this time pouring energy INTO the 'grid' of my friends, family, readers, and followers--it's starting to pulse back with activity. For this I am blessed!


(I'm reading about China on this blog to practice my French--the blogger has walked all those places or train or bus on many visits from France to China in ten years)

There are two more things to share. Not sure if you'll like them or not. I always share things from Spirit:
  •   I realized the other night that in our sleep, we meet with people we have met or are going to meet, and plan the next day's events. I saw myself looking different, dressed in a really nice dress, sitting in almost a throne going through these discussions. I realized one person gave themselves a tongue injury after being observed in the daytime as having a sharp tongue, which was insulting. It felt very detached--for me and for them--from the 'daylight' activities. It's all about the lessons.
  • This morning, on my way in, Ross introduced me to a whole new council. They looked human, but were Galactic. They applauded em for something, I'm not sure what. I was like, 'are you talking to ME?!' and looking around the room because it seemed very odd and strange. I've had conversations with Ross like, 'Why do people care about me as Gaia?  I'm okay with my life lessons, and my teams, but why should anyone care?'  He explained how I am loved.  And this morning, the council explained to me how Ross and I helped a whole lot of souls Ascend who ordinarily wouldn't (with 3D Earth, etc). They gave me a giant gold key, like the key to a city. And I turned it in a lock on a door, and it looked as wonderful as Willie Wonka's room in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory--everything was so pretty but not sugar you could eat. I was like, WOW!!! Then they gave me a commemorative plaque, landscape format, ten by eight inches, with my name engraved on it. I was really humbled. I had no idea or clue anything I did mattered in any way, except for things I can appreciate directly. The key disappeared after I turned the lock. And I wanted to thank the Council. So I invited them to tea in the garden. They don't really eat, but I 'gave' them cups of tea and little sandwiches and treats which they 'ate' to show they accepted my love and gratitude. Then they disappeared.
  • Another thing I realized is just like we can program a crystal, and have one energize us, our PRESENCE helps to energize/align with spirit the energy of others, just like one crystal to another--with energy healing. It's like WE are the crystals, even though we are alive. We each have this ability to influence those around us and connected to us with our Energy Signature, which is the sum total of all our lessons, all our incarnations as Ascended Masters.

That is enough for now. It's time to go get dinner and homework.

I'm just so very grateful for this all.

I love you.

Ross is there anything you would like to say?


At the request of the charge nurse for Pre-Op at the surgery center, Carla made two bracelets of aquamarine. And the nurse said, 'I will PAY you!'

Medicine has come a long way.

Carla also realized LOVE is more important than being 'right', and took the flu shot today at her work. It is really being mandatory, and Carla thought to resist it, just for the Berkeley in her training back in the day. But she knew the woman who gives the shots, and instead took it and gave her a big hug, as they are friends. What Carla did is take upon herself the harm from the flu shots--and by doing so was able to neutralize with Reiki any harmful effects of the type  (quadrivalent and no preservative) used on her for others. It is as harmless as 'air' I told Carla. So while Carla's arm is sore, it is sore for everybody, and she has volunteered to be a guinea pig energetically, a proxy for those of you who too do not really have an option to refuse to take a flu shot. The mask would have hurt Carla's sinuses, and although she was willing to resist and wear it for six months at her hospital, I intervened.

Everything is good.

Anthony has a lot of homework tonight, and Carla is going to be helping him. In a nice way.

Carla also cleaned clutter in one small corner of the garage, and is going to make great headway in the coming months with the rest of her house. I guarantee it. Then when it is time for her to move (holds one finger up) Carla will be ready.

On the way home from Tim, Carla said to me, 'Ross, I'm okay and I forgive myself for giving up on this house.' and 'I trust you'.

Those words represent remarkable courage, self-discovery, and acceptance of what Spirit has in mind. Carla needs the water, to be near it enough to smell it--not necessarily to see it--and it can be lake or ocean or bay...Carla realized the truth just by being by the fountain for a while by Tim's office. It is magnificent and very large (almost as tall as I am! I am seven feet, in human terms, but I wasn't when I was incarnate. I was tall for the times, and also very thin. And so was Carla! (he smiles and knows it's not really that funny, my weight in this life, so he stops teasing me--ed))

Clap! Clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple