Saturday, September 17, 2016


Yesterday just knocked me on my butt metaphysically.

Times have changed!

For the better!

At work day before yesterday, a charge nurse for the pre-op at the surgery center ordered two aquamarine bracelets. I made them right away to capture the energy of the Pisces full moon. I made one for her, and one for her son.

Yesterday, with a break in my schedule, I was able to go up to the break room at the surgery center, and give her  the bracelets.

I always give 'something extra'. And I told her up front her bracelet was for free. I have a policy at my work, if someone asks, I will make one bracelet for them for free. It's to get the energy UP in my environment, and to gently introduce an allopathic medicine person to 'other' forms of healing work.

She gave me first some crystals from the Arizona gem show she had gone to in January. Serpentine (I adore serpentine), a small slice of a geode for Anthony, and these little dendritic agate crystals which were polished, and by the feel had some magnesite in it. Those set off the Reiki in my hands, and were the ones meant for me.

She had a little pouch with my name on it. It was very kind of her.  I can tell she is eager to learn and grow in spirit. I admire her for putting chunks of black tourmaline in her boss' office and in the PACU workstation.

That took guts!

Anyhow, hers was oval polished nuggets of aquamarine with a sparkle gem:

I also gave her something to absorb negativity--I might send some to you too if you ever need it. I made one of these for our nurse educator in the main O.R., she keeps it in her office and it's doing amazing things LOL.

Here is her son's bracelet:

The wood is Taiwanese and it is actually more important to him than the aquamarine.

What surprised me is the bracelet isn't as healing for him as this 'Prosperity Pig' spirit had me design for him, to put in the car on his rear-view mirror. THIS is the powerhouse for him, and I can feel the energy waiting to flow through this little 'lens' of a rare Chinese 'lucky pig' in porcelain I have a few extras of at home.

I was told to wrap it in foil for him, just like my first boyfriend Tom used to do for all his gifts. It is the opening that is special.

So for his mom, I showed the photos here--of his and the pig.

She couldn't believe it!

A pig!

When her son was little he loved pigs and used to collect them. Furthermore he is studying Mandarin and can read Chinese.  He was recently diagnosed with Crohn's disease. He is like, twenty, and is having a lot of stress that is making it worse.

Spirit KNEW.

I listened.  I worked with Spirit to create this for him.

And if you look closely, this is a pig with big cajones.  Really big ones. That's the subliminal message Spirit sent to her son, not just prosperity, or luck, but vitality and strength in ways his subconscious will understand but his regular mind wouldn't.

Spirit is smart!

And you know, I've tried making these pig good luck charms in the past, and it was really difficult to get the thread through. It wanted to get 'lost' inside the pig and not come out.

This time--super simple, I figured out a way to do it with ease--and it almost made itself.

THAT'S the kind of work I adore doing. Helping these bracelets and other things 'make themselves' for Spirit. It's really fun.

The money part is awkward. I gave two hundred dollar's worth of bracelets 'plus'. She gave me twenty dollars. And the crystals. I'm not exactly able to support myself with my work. And I'm not making enough to pay for my supplies.  Fortunately I have another employment. One day I would love to change from OR to this form of healing as my body can't take the long hours doing anesthesia in the future.

So, for now, it's my hobby. And I help people. I leave it at that.

It was a frustrating day for me.

I had a complication--not really mine but the patient had it--it took extra work. And then after waiting for three hours to do a case, someone took it at the last minute. So three hours unpaid, at work, working for the case set-up, and someone steals it.

On the way home, I had two requests of Ross--to see a movie and he had said I could eat out.

I also was waiting to do some attunements that I have been trying to schedule and for some reason haven't been able to with my schedule.

Ross suggested I stop by the crystal store.

Oh my Gosh!

I walked in and the energy was totally different.  Some young woman who looked like a Jewish American Princess was talking with the clerk (who isn't supposed to talk) about their love life problems. I could barely think, never mind hear the guidance of spirit!

I was annoyed.

But I had the sense that 'everything happens for a reason' and 'this was why I was there'.

As I listened I realized the conversation and the tarot reading had something to do for me!  As the woman was where she was in her journey, I was like Totally THERE when I was her age too. Looking for a partner who was right for me. I too had been in a relationship since very young, and it had dissolved.  

Even though the energy of the clerk was very grating--he's talking about his sexuality and he's bi and he just told his male friend of many years he has feelings for him--I realized he knows what he is talking about in spirit, and is actually an Ascended soul giving healing from his heart to this girl, for free.

In other words--someone who is 'in' the 'system'--works at the shop--and 'in 5D'--not worrying about what people think or money but doing what his natural spiritual gifts are guiding him to do.

I knew something was up because Ross was very quiet. Usually he has a surprise or too and helps me discover it when I am there.

What did I find?  A banner that says:

Become loyal to your innermost truth. 
Follow the way when all others abandon it. 
Walk the path of your own heart.

Then I found the most wonderful photo/art cards. The one like the Mary Magdalen I bought years ago, with people holding up a flower of life thing over their head--art.  I got Metatron (papa!--my father  Richard is an incarnation of him) and also, Melchizedek (Ross in an earlier incarnation), and Healing Presence, a beautiful depiction of Gaia in space surrounded by tall beings with outstretched hands blessing her--a Native American shaman, a fairy queen, a mineral king, a human being, a master of wisdom, and an angel of light.

I found that one deeply meaningful.

Another thing I found--because those people were talking so loud and so LONG! was a copper trivet etched with the flower of life on it. It has wonderful energy.

There was a small sphere of aquamarine I had seen on many visits, and ignored. Now with this full moon I understood the crystal.  I found a small piece of larimar--very hard to find now. Not jewelry, but a stone that was polished.  And a beautiful Twin lemurian crystal. 

When it was my time to ring up, soon it was ME in the talking with the clerk. I was mindful as he shared to be respectful to the customers who walked in.

I felt like it was a parade from Spirit of 'where people are at' with this Ascension thing. There was a dark haired woman who has a cousin who is a Shaman and has married her Twin flame--who is hesitant to accept her 'gift' of hearing voices and out of body experiences.  I shared how all she needs is four psychic development classes to 'learn the ropes'. I gave her my teacher's name. I shared with her how spirit once told me to buy an angel food cake and take it to my ballet class. I thought it was ridiculous and I refused. It turned out it was my ballet teacher's birthday--everyone in the class was very close--and a cake in fact would have been very appropriate!  The dark haired woman had spirit tell her to ask when a cashier's birthday was? She refused. And next, he shared 'my birthday is tomorrow!'.

She said she was 'uncomfortable' with that form of 'guidance' from spirit. She found it intrusive. I shared how if you have a project you can tell spirit you are offline for a few hours, and then listen after. I also shared how everything we were taught wasn't really 'right' about this gift. (Karen the nurse was also saying like this woman, 'I've always been like that since I was a kid). And not wanting to accept it is a form of ego, in the sense that 'my life is all explained now' is comforting, but unfortunately, incorrect. Spirit IS life, and a highly important part of it.

She gave me a hug.

Then the cute Czech couple came in. He had a gold dollar sign on his necklace. They looked very poor by their clothing and appearance. She had many teeth missing. But they were nice. They quickly looked for small crystals and had a purchase of twenty dollars and paid with cash.   I smiled and asked where they are from.?That's how I knew. And my intuition told me these folks KNOW what they are doing with those crystals--it's from the Old Country--and all they were looking for is the raw materials.

A Latina came in with her daughter who was about nine. The daughter didn't seem to like her mom, or say much. The Latina asked what this store was about. She smelled strongly of marijuana, and appeared to be intoxicated by it. 

I smiled.

I welcomed her.

I explained gently how although we have Buddha here, we are not buddhists--we see him and all the others (pointed to statues) from all religions as very wise people who accomplished much while they were incarnate and have much to teach us. How there are crystals and other spiritual tools for growth. How her daughter, since she was closer to being unborn than we adults--would remember and have greater guidance in what tools and crystals are 'right'. To go with what makes both of them 'feel better'.

I knew they didn't have money, and weren't going to buy, but I FELT like I was looking into her whole culture and all the religious things that were taught to this culture--and was setting the record straight.

She stammered, 'do you have massage here?'

I smiled and said it's a few stores down the way for that.

You know what she did?

She and her daughter looked around the store. They said things were cute. Then they thanked us and left. 

There were several people who had their psychic sessions--getting readings, who cut in line ahead of me. It took three hours to ring me up. 

Spirit kept interrupting.

There was a massage therapist who was struggling with the full moon energy. She was very nice. She shared how she sometimes has people bawling on her table as she works, and she is crying too. One was a woman who had just lost her husband of fifty years the month before. It was the kind of crying where the snot comes out of your nose, she cried so hard, and since the client was face down, the client never knew. But as a healer, this massage therapist helped her to clear and transmute the grief.

Her tip to me was a sound bath place that keeps her going.

In the end, I found a beautiful pendant with so many crystals I would never have worn it in the past. There is green amethyst (prasiolite), green kunzite, peridot, and an amethyst flower. Spirit had me purchase  a new silver chain, and have the clerk Cole bless it.

He was my teacher for the day.

All is new.

And you know what? He has this funny 'feeling' he is his grandfather reincarnate. And HIS grandfather invented the Kegel exercise!  He's a healer back again.

I recognized this at once, and before he has fully realized he is an Ascended Master here doing his thing without having any clue about his true identity...working with the heart...just like the banner says.

Ross says 'Clap! Clap!'--full moon right on schedule--it's time for me to work on Saturday!

We give out love to you both.

Ross changed his mind. He has something to say. I will type it for him.


Carla and I are healed. At the deepest level.  Carla commented to me how with my death the last time, could she just please shut her eyes and pretend it never happened?

The answer is YES!  Yes Carla! YES!

It was horrible for you to experience.

You may put all of this behind you and never have to visit it again.

(He touches his chest--where that icky thing had been stuck in it)  It works now.  All of it works. None of it is broken.

It's all back.

And I love you with my whole being.

(he gives me a kiss--I'm so deeply moved by his love for me--and so grateful!--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple