Sunday, September 11, 2016

Thoughts Before Breakfast

Yesterday was our last full day in the beautiful town of Victoria, which we adore.

We are at a crossroads.  Last night we attended a benefit gala for the British Columbia Children's Hospital. We wanted to support both the cause and the hotel.

There was a silent auction, and a fifty-fifty raffle which we participated in too.

I am going to compare and contrast some types of people we met and we know, so you will understand what really is happening here in the local area.

One of our friends, Pauline, owns the Moonshadow. We call her the 'official mayor' of Fisherman's Wharf.  She is spending three months 'facilitating' for free at a clean and sober house in Esquimalt.  The women in her charge are starting a new life.  It takes Pauline's time, the paperwork, and she even drives them to their meetings so her house residents keep sober.

Pauline is First Nations. She believes in helping others. She enjoys the challenges and puts her heart into her work.

She is not going to sign up again, because this new venture takes up all her time, and there is no money--not one cent--paid to her by anyone for her services. Not even to reimburse her for her gasoline.

One woman in the program lived eight years in a similar facility in another town on Vancouver Island.  There is no sense of commitment to move on and to contribute--for example--none of the women do their contracted chores they signed an agreement to do for the roof over their heads. The house is 'getting filthy again' and Pauline when she first came in had done a lot of cleaning up.

Pauline adores Anthony and has ever since he knocked on her door on the Moonshadow. She is a wonderful friend, and we enjoy spending time with her when we are in town.

One of her deepest sorrows is the bridge that is being planned to go over the cove her boat views.  Why? Because it's 'easier for tourists'...Instead of walking around the cove now the 'planners' have decided to impact the environment because, tourists equal money.

Anthony sat next to the CEO of the Tourism Office last night at the dinner.

I will speak more of this later.

Let me give you an insight on what happens at those Fundraising Galas.  The tickets are pricey just to go in. Everyone wears black.

Except me. And Anthony. We didn't pack anything like that fancy, we did our best to clean up and look nice...

We were in fact the only Californians, the only US Citizens, and the only hotel guests present at this function.

I was not the only doctor. There was a family practice doctor with his Australian wife at the table. She was cousin to the woman to my left. Both women were related to the hotel manager in charge of planning this one year-in-the-making event.   He is still in his training--giving his 'time back' in a remote location (Saskatoon?) and flying home to Victoria on the weekends. He wants to complete his training. He didn't acknowledge me or speak with me the whole night. I smiled to all three, but was only able to speak with the woman next to me.

These Canadians are different.

With these silent auctions, people make a killing--I am serious!--because they underbid on the donated items. People get items which are worth a whole lot more for much less, because they see the value listed. The DONORS hope to get the value or more to the charity, right? That's why they donate. I have been enough of these for my hospital to know that it's a little loophole the very rich enjoy.

There is a lovely girl who is a patient of BC Children's hospital. She and her mother were present last night. They presented a check for almost three thousand dollars to the hospital.  Here is an article about her:

This is a photo of her table, where she sells handmade items to raise funds for the hospital. The winner of the fifty-fifty raffle generously gave his four hundred dollars to her to buy bracelets. She was most excited.

The director of donations for the hospital said the funds raised by the event go to 1) research (it's onsite), 2) family education and 3) equipment (it treats kids from birth to seventeen--it's not one size fits all).  Although I am not in nationalized health care back home, and we have insurance, I imagine their organization is like our not-for-profit hospital back home, which needs fundraisers for new equipment like a 3D mammogram machine, or a new ER.

He said they are also building a new hospital with thirty years in the future needs 'built into it' so there is adequate space and resources for the children and their families.

It was a beautiful event.

So why am I writing?

Because both beauty and ugliness were present.

The ugliness were the people's motivation to our right. There was the Tourism gent, who was pleasant, but wanted to bring MORE MORE MORE to the local economy.  I tell you, the Butchart last Thursday--off season!-- was like Disneyland with the cruise ship people going through it.  We actually switched our tickets for the first boat tour in the Tod Inlet because there were some extremely rude and talkative people from Florida walking onto the dock when it wasn't yet time, and they refused to follow the rules.  We said we were 'concerned we might be late for our tea reservations' and booked it for later in the day.

The Chinese tourists were very loud in the Gardens, and I really didn't enjoy their lack of consideration for the other guests at the Butchart. The Tourism CEO said this is well known and typical.

He knew who comes from where and how much they spend. He knows seventy percent of all cruise ship passengers go to the Butchart for a day trip, and thirty percent walk around the town and explore.

He wants to get cruises to originate from Victoria.  The also wants direct flights from Los Angeles. He says the Australians enjoy the entire west coast, and always fly into LAX, then they see San Francisco, Seattle, Victoria and then head inland to see more of Canada.

The couple seated next to him were 'someone in politics' (the wife) and 'the head of a transportation business'. He was half Hawaiian, and half Canadian. He almost put his business in San Diego or Santa Barbara. But the cost of living here and quality of life are the best for his workers--health care is free, etc.  He didn't feel Hawaiian. He smiled and said aloha, and was pleasant. They have an autistic son, and he thinks it's environmental, it's caused him and his wife much pain. He said the three most important things--speech, reading social cues, and emotions--are destroyed by the disease. In this I agreed fully.  He is very 'pro Canada' and supports gun control for pistols. Even the chief of police had one under his seat in his car and was charged. Rifles are 'okay' but not for pistols.

But when he started talking about a rail system, an above ground one, I started to sense that these people --including the Tourism gentleman who was very nice--are behind some of the changes taking place on the island, such as in Langford the clear cutting of forest to make way for one thousand homes...

It made me sad.

What made me happy is everyone in the hotel, high ranking, stopped by to thank us for our attending the event.

And even more, when the CTV news Anchor Louise Hartland, who was the emcee for the events, and truly cared for the cause, came to the table, she remembered us from this:

She was deeply touched. She had been with Adam Sawatsky when the clip was aired on August 24, 2015, and she had said, 'we need more people like this!'

I told her what I had picked up so far--and to please let Adam know we were back and keeping up with our good works for the area we love. (here is a photo of a syringe and a tampon applicator--I make many trips from the shore to the trash can by the sidewalk)

Well, the reason that the new Gaia Portal is this:

Is because of this:

Anthony wanted to take these dishes home--they are the exact ones from the hotel. It meant so much. I went to the auction, right before it closed, and I signed up so we would win.

Anthony checked, and let me know he was excited. There were only two minutes left! I crossed my fingers and said to keep it quiet.

At the table, the half-Hawaiian overheard. And in those two minutes, he went and outbid us. He didn't say a word of it to us.  He was sneaky. And Anthony was devastated to learn we hadn't won the plates in those two minutes.

Anthony tried his best to be a good sport and congratulated the half-Hawaiian.

I was stunned by his very unpolite behavior.  He said, 'the wife wanted it' as his reason to us for his actions, as if to excuse them.

Ross told me then and there to avoid all eye contact with both the husband and the wife.

I did.

Ross knew that with their autistic son this was the most strong way to communicate my displeasure and disgust with their behavior, with going behind our back, doing what they did, and then acting like 'everything is okay'.  They both were extremely friendly when they left, shook our hands, with me staring off over their right shoulder the whole time. He invited us to see his farm.

I went to sleep with my heart open to Ross.

I said, 'They are boogers, Ross! There are too many people like them on Gaia! I want to be free! No more boogers on Gaia! No more second chances. No more anything with people like them. Again!'

What they won in term of the plates was a galactic and international faux pas to people who out of the kindness of their hearts come to this beautiful area--old souls--who knew the spiritual importance of both Songhees point and Victoria--and clean up the trash in so many ways.

It was a complete and total slap in the face, an insult, and a sneaky one at that.

What I know, is that not one but two Ley lines intersect here in downtown Victoria.  I also know that all the First Nations from Alaska to Washington would gather here, right on the site of the hotel, on sacred land, to celebrate with big feasts and dances called Potlatches, much like our gala fundraiser was last night.

Until those who run the place have an inkling of what really counts, and they have it in their hearts, there is no point in their being able to run it.  Only ruin and destruction can result.

Did I challenge the Tourism CEO about the pot smokers who gather in a local park near our walkway into town, and scare Anthony with their being high in public, playing loud music, and leaving trash all over the place?

Did I tell him about the sharps--open syringes and needles and drug paraphernalia on our local beach?


It wasn't the time or the place.  But THAT is what needs to be addressed for the area to heal. The homeless. The beggars. Those who are our brothers and sisters who are marginalized out for a money.

That is why I asked Ross with all my heart to bring the changes NOW. I just can't wait any more.

The meek shall inherit the earth because Gaia is sick and tired of everyone else, and their banter.

And the ones who 'fight in her name' without actually consulting her will be the first to be escorted to 'someplace else'. To have the nerve to 'fight for the mother' without ever checking first to see what SHE wants is worse than having no help at all.


LOVE one another.

Love everybody.

Stop the fighting.

Stop the backstabbing.

Stop the sneakiness.

Stop the killing.

Stop the me versus you.


Invite Spirit to assist. And Spirit can! And will.

As I was falling asleep last night--and I slept terrible--every time I was dozing off, Ross asked me, 'What is the most wonderful thing you can imagine? The biggest miracle of all?!'

My answers?

I can't.

I can't see I'm blind and I don't like it.

And 'I just want it done. I want you and Anthony with me forever. I want to still look like me.'

He said I will.

I asked him, 'When I go up to you at night, do I remember everything? Or do I forget and have to be reminded all over again, day after day, when I am with you at Home?'

He said, gently, that I do in fact remember.

That gave me peace.

P.S. Anthony found some wonderful sites that question Disney--'racism and Disney' and 'adult humor and Disney'.  It's a nice--hard to dismiss--set of YouTube videos that can help increase awareness in those who would reject the darker side of this 'family entertainment' in full disclosure. It's just the tip of the iceberg, but most people would be ready for it at this time.


Breakfast is coming to the room, for the last time. There is a wonderful balcony which Carla enjoys. I want her to come back to this room.

Carla has spoken.

I see the truth in her words, they resonate with my soul.

Gaia has had enough.

Gaia is ready for what's next.

I asked Carla if she could see me last night? I showed myself to her.

Sadly, Carla couldn't. Only a little blur by the mustache and beard.

I asked if she could feel the beard?

Sadly, she couldn't, only the kiss.

She said, 'Ross, I am here and I can't see and I can't feel, it is awful!'

The time will come where nothing shall be hidden for anyone.

Not even from us.

And Carla will have those plates. I have other ways...for our Anthony.

Clap! Clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple