Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Beautiful Planet

Yesterday I went to the IMAX theater in Victoria. My boy wanted to see the Mammoths movie. But I saw immediately after was the film, A Beautiful Planet.

I sensed I needed to watch it. So we bought a tickets for that too.

Here is the trailer:  https://youtu.be/WzbHi7Lbz00

So I watched it.

I kind of felt it was more about the International Space Station than earth...and I had the funniest feeling that someone wasn't telling the whole story, the truth.

I couldn't put my finger on it.

But what really surprised me was how Ross asked me very nicely how I felt and would I be willing to write about it?  He doesn't ask me often to write about any subject.

I said yes, and here I am.

I found the initial part about Earth being the only life in the Universe to be frankly, absurd. Even in the end of the movie, they show some 'Goldilocks' planets in other star systems.

I was amazed at how the Space Station supports life--where does the oxygen come from? What do they do with the wastes?

And the space walks were just plain scary--any slice of a line or tubing or space suit and that's it--boom!

I liked how they explained how the earth's magnetic field kept in the atmosphere, and how Mars is dry because it does not have a magnetic field, although it used to have oceans.

l loved seeing the images from space--the Aurora Borealis, the cities at night, the oceans. I liked trying to guess what country was being shown. I got Australia right!

The part I find lacking is the spiritual part.

It's funny, because the display at the museum from First Nations spoke of how the unseen spirit guides are just as 'real' as things you can touch, see, hear, smell and taste.

In my heart of hearts, they have this part right.

(one moment--Anthony is explaining to me the difference between NFL Red Zone, NFL Sunday Ticket, and something else. It's confusing, expensive, and I dislike it. It's almost impossible for me to write right now. And he's happily singing now, but I can't think. I need to have the mental stamina and focus to complete my task.)

In general, in my mind and in my heart, people all over the world are focused a little more on what is Tangible, and also, the perception of the Intangibles is limited to 'what do they think of me?' and 'how cool can I be?'...

In reality, in my mind and in my heart, once people figure things out--we are not alone and the World of Spirit is very real and affects us in everything we do.  (Now he is talking about Netflix--I pay a fee every month and he has no clue how expensive things are.  NFL Sunday Ticket will help him see Seattle every game they play--but the price! It's over three hundred dollars!)

Oh how I wish my own son would go out into Nature, and just BE!

My son, my heart, my one who is a shaman, and remembered all he is just yesterday--who told me Ross was his father, Ross was Eagle, and I was Raven and he our son was Orca...is more interested in his iPad than the things that will last him forever!

I had a suspicion he had been a high-ranking chief because his first name, as a baby, for dolphin was 'Nahm' and for orca was 'Mahm'...it turns out it's the second half of Orca in a local dialect, Mahm...and this boy has been obsessed with large sticks forever. We bring them home on the plane from Victoria even, large driftwood walking sticks.  Well at the museum yesterday I saw that it's the sign of a CHIEF--to have such a stick.

At five he was seeing Chief (a spirit) and I was too, in our hotel room here in Victoria. But it took us days to talk about it. It was uncanny how much he knew. Chief was my father in that life...

In my heart of hearts, I wonder to myself, and I scratch my head--'Why is Spirit boring?'

Is it the programming of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest Of Heart to direct us away from that which will lead us home, and to set us Free?  Is it cultivated by them, this aversion to Spirit, Nature, and Humanity (the bonds we share with one another and everything which is alive?).

I don't know.

All I do know is that once people figure this out and master it:  http://ronahead.com/2016/09/06/love-just-task-duty-complete/

(now he is playing Smashy Road and is level six--there were twenty tanks shooting at him and he survived--one more interruption)

Once people figure out the Spirit part, all the unseen and seen will connect in a healthy way, and Earth will heal. So will her people too.  And it will be quick, much faster than human works, because we will have the ways of Spirit helping to guide us in the most effective and efficient way.

This is how I feel.  I feel that people on Earth waste their time on their lessons with distractions from what they are sent to learn. It's not their fault, really. It's a tough school. But it's getting out of hand, and I'd really like it to stop.

I want everyone free.

And I want movies like this to tell the true history of Earth, and our people, and not the same old stuff we have been told. The First Nations seem to be the natural ones to begin this education for the rest of us. Their traditions tend to match across the globe when it comes to the 'how we got here story'. They also seem to have a head start on us on how to live in harmony with Nature.

They shouldn't have to be fighting for their water over an oil pipe.

They should have the attention of everyone on the planet, and we should be taking our cues on how to fix the environment from them.

Next in line, to come and talk to us, in my opinion, would best be Ross and his teams.

That's what I would do if I was Queen of Everything...lol...thank you for your patience with me, and for reading to the end on my response to Ross' request.


I asked Carla as she has a vested interest in the outcome for planet Earth, and so do I.

I thought it resonates, her response, with my heart.

I also enjoy the real time interaction between her and Anthony.

Everything always happens for the best. Even here.

And if there are no wooly mammoths in this day, well, there must be a reason for it, a valid one, and this truth must be told to all of us as well.

That is disclosure in its fullest!  There shall be no holding back!

Clap! Clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple