Monday, November 2, 2015

Seven Layers -- Gaia News Brief 2 November 2015

Healing With Things That Grow

After World War Two, many of the survivors of the concentration camps were sent to special healing centers. The colors were bright, there was a lot of structure, and people were encouraged to work in the garden to find healing again.

I have always grown up close to plants.  Our family has notorious green thumbs.  My grandfather was in charge of the orchards back in Sicily. We know the personalities of plants, how they grow, what they like, and how to help them.

My mom can take a tiny shoot off a plant, a cutting, from something she likes, and grow the whole thing from it at home.

Please bear with me, as I make a parallel to the plants and gardens, as I talk about the healing that is taking place in my heart, in my soul, at this moment...plants are what I know.  For example, this is an orchid at the top of the page...

Just because I have Full Consciousness it doesn't mean I stop my growth.

What it means is I have insight in the big picture of way more than I ever did, and I have a good 'sense' of where people are coming from because I 'go' by the energy signatures 24/7.


Today, I was 'polished'--lots of little annoyances to help me practice my kindness, patience, and compassion..,it is like having the dead leaves picked off my soul.

Today I stretched my roots, energetically, deep into Nature and the core of Gaia--at the request of Spirit, and it felt really really good to have the energy flowing like a lightening rod through my energy system.

I also opened new leaves, in situations where great hurt had taken place in the past.

I moved forward.

I even went by the old places from my past, just to see how much I had outgrown the old container I once grew in.

I am exactly where I need to be, and am working with Spirit.

On request, I attuned about--hundreds--of people so their Guardian Angels could best work with them. (The attunement went to them by proxy through the angel for permission). I attuned them to Reiki one all at one time.  I can do this. Don't ask me how or why but I can and when invited, do.

Everything happens for a reason.  Even this. Do I KNOW the reason, exactly? No.

That is why I am working with Spirit--LOL--and not Spirit 'working with me'.

They see the big picture.

And I do my part.


Carla is on assignment. She is doing very well. And Carla is working with me.

I can't say much, except, no matter where she is, our connection is very close.

And I love her very much.

Carla is with Anthony and they are both working very hard to establish connections energetically for others for the Highest Good.

That is all I am going to say at the moment.

And that I love you very much.

Thank you for your patience with me.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

P.S.  Update on Ricardo Lockette--he sustained a ligamentous injury to the neck--it was a neck injury, a disc injury, AND a concussion. The ligamentous injury is a common thing screened for in trauma patients, and is seen with a flexion and extension film series of x-rays. The patient has cervical spine movement of the bones with motion when it shouldn't happen.  The motionlessness was real--possible loss of consciousness and spinal shock--but with proper medical care quadriplegia was avoided.  He was very lucky to have a good workup like he did, and access to care as fast as it was given.