Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Adjusting To Life As Ascended Masters -- Gaia News Brief 11 November 2015

There Are No Accidents

Yesterday I was assigned a case after a long line up in a different part of the hospital. It turned out it was a healer who was to be my patient, and also, a close personal friend of the surgeon who first put my chapter on Reiki into his book on conventional and alternative treatments for cancer--by type of cancer.  He put me on the map.

I smiled and said, 'There are no accidents!'.

My one and only patient today, as I was post-call, was an exceptional healer too, and also a friend of one of my Reiki Student RN's...nobody knew until the last moment who was where, but spirit had arranged it the whole time.

The whole point of Ascension is a personal one--and being able to work with grace and ease with the spiritual realms is a big part of it.

Letting Go

Many of you are on my FB page, Doctors With Reiki. Some are on the Team Doctors With Reiki. Very few are in my Study Hall, a mystery school that is very low key and relaxed.

In between are those who are my FB friends, of myself.

I hope you notice a trend in what I publish.

No longer do I mention the 'major holidays' and 'events'--today being one of them. There is no mention of Veterans Day, because of the truth behind the military, the lies and the corruption which I have studied carefully and researched--so much as I love veterans and am thankful for the service of these many many exceptionally fine men and women--my heart just isn't in it.

I also no longer promote certain 'Key Meditation Events' other than the wonderfully healing free Qi Gong sessions, and sometimes, something from my friend Sarah at Violet Light UK, or Reiki Fur Babies.  Today is a big nothing, energetically, for me.

My big 'portal' was on 10-10 of this year. It hit me like a ton of bricks, and of course, like most portals, I was on call. LOL. (I was on call last night too).

There are a lot of organized 'whatevers' out there going on for this day. About being together, and focusing your power as a group.

I'm sorry, but the only way to go is UP and that is by going into your center, your core, in your own personal meditation.

No one is going to Ascend but you.

No one is going to do it for you.

And no amount of group meditation is going to do the self-awareness, facing and releasing that is required for you to Ascend.

Groups are nice, don't get me wrong.

But they won't get you anywhere without you doing your part of the 'work'--preparing energetically to absorb the Higher Vibrations.

Big Time

We talk.

Ross and me.

And he is showing me things--big time.

He enjoys very much as I grow in my Full Consciousness.

Today there were two things he wants me to share.

I asked if there is a written language up in Heaven? If so, what is the alphabet like? Would I recognize it? It is hard to learn?

He showed it to me.

It's written in gold.

It looks somewhat like Greek, the lower case letters--but it's different. It's not like sanskrit or arabic. Each letter is formed.

I thought it was beautiful.

Today after lunch, I just had to nap. I was home with my son. We had brunch, really. I had  a lot of trouble falling asleep, as I felt many many downloads that were strong.

It was a good thing I warned my son to wake me up if I slept too long. He woke me up after two and one half hours. I'm not sure where I was, (actually I just remember now, but that's another story--I was on official Galactic things, and downloading some of MY experiences to individuals associated with code word PAN.)

Last night, as I was falling asleep, I asked Ross, 'Where does the energy of these downloads come from?'

I had thanked all my teams, my medical team (I saw the equine on it for the first time, and we spoke.  I asked how it is to function with hooves instead of hands as a Galactic?)--for carefully watching and guiding me, and healing my body to prepare me for these energies....and I thought, 'Ross where does all this come from?'

Ross was very pleased, with both of my questions, and he asked me to share them with you.

Downloads come from Higher Beings such as Ascended Masters, much in the same way Reiki is not possible unless a Reiki Master attunes you. The energies come from collectives as well as councils, and although their technology may help to focus, direct, and calibrate the downloads to you, every single one that is given is from other souls, helping souls, who love you very much, same as a Reiki Master to their student.

I was overwhelmed!

It makes this whole Ascension thing, and being stuck here on Ground Crew, so much less impersonal!

It is really heart to heart, big brother and big sister to us here on surface Gaia.

It made me smile and give thanks all the more.

Ross the Father

He's helping me with my menu planning. Tonight he said, 'make the salmon'. Anthony hates anything new, especially fish. Ross said to make it, and also make him the rice he likes (Rice a Roni chicken flavor).  I heated up some peas from two nights ago. And Ross suggested a salad with tomatoes and lettuce and sugar snap peas.

Well I have to make you laugh.

Next to the salmon, for Anthony, the salad and the sugar snap peas started looking pretty good.

He refused to eat it, but it was Alaskan Wild Caught, and it is very right in Vitamin E. He has a likely diagnosis of Fatty Liver, and Vitamin E, 400 units a day, helps to support the liver.

I put the dill and lemon on the salmon like Ross said.

Anthony was surprised he couldn't smell 'the fishy smell' on the salmon.

He tasted one bite, and gagged. I didn't make him eat it.

But Ross reassures me to make it again. Each time I introduce it, he will be more likely to eat it.

The omelet Anthony had for brunch had more than enough protein in it for the day.

And I brought up the Angels Baseball ticket plan packet that came in the mail, to keep everything light.

I've also 'run out' of Anthony's milk (2%) because Ross had me drink it with my Spirutein last night as a dinner replacement from my late shift. (I love Spirutein).

Now all we have in the house is nonfat.

I made the omelet with it, and Anthony had a cup with breakfast, and didn't complain.

I think I'll be 'running out' of his milk more often (milk is important for those with diabetes and pre-diabetes to keep the protein to carbohydrate ratio 14:28).

Instead both for lunch and dinner we had herbal tea.

Low Carb Connection

A nurse in our Operating Room suffers from migraine. She has found that by eating super low carbs she has less attacks.

A low carb diet typically allows for seventy grams a day.

She has thirty.

After four years, she doesn't miss the carbs any more.

What kind of addictive properties do carbs have to need four YEARS for someone to forget about them?

I hear they are like opiates, in the brain chemistry.

(By the way, today, in the October or November issue of Anesthesiology, I read a fascinating study on how different anesthetic agents affect the brain, complete with neurotransmitter diagrams of brain neuroanatomy, and spectral imaging, with raw EEG data. It was really neat to see how they actually WORK, on a molecular level.)

Anthony asked me, 'mom, when was the last time you ate pizza?'

I didn't know.

He said he doesn't really even miss it.

Fatty liver--steatohepatitis--is completely reversible with weight loss. It is the most fortunate liver disease to have.


Spirit has been on me--Obsidian! Obsidian! Obsidian!--for three days now. I finally made the connection, and told a friend, it will help her and she needs to wear it.

I made one for me, too, just in case!, a bracelet with rainbow obsidian, gold sheen obsidian, and black obsidian. I added a little Pietersite for 'oomph'. I like it.

I also made one order today, and was surprised to see how much this person's energy needed a certain type of quartz. It was like a thirsty plant that needed water...I had fun designing it. No pictures yet because I want it to be a surprise <3

I resonate deeply with the stones for my healing art.

And I realized for the first time, that like Ross with his woodwork, I too must have made jewelry for a very long time.


Everything happens for the best.

I want you to always remember this.

Things happen for a reason.

Sometimes it's hard to get you (he shows him taking a person who is looking one direction by the shoulders and gently turning the whole body to the right to help them look at something in the other direction--ed) from HERE to THERE without a little shaking thing up.

It's part of the process, the healing, and the lessons.

Carla is with me, and I am closer to her right now than I have been in every incarnation--for the both of us.

I love her with my whole heart.

There is a funny thing about me, that some folks underestimate my ability in certain areas of the life experience.

Carla is delighted to discover this about me--last night as she was falling asleep was the very first time I let my energies undiluted appear to her, and my knowledge and my expertise--'not watered down' to her 3D understanding.

We were partner to partner, heart to heart, friend to friend, Twin to Twin--which is about as close as any two souls can be (he smiles--ed).

And you know what Carla said about me, for the first time, in about as many lifetimes as there are stars in the heavens?

She said, 'I need you. Not because you are my lover, not because you are my twin, not because you are my guide, but because you are my friend. I NEED your friendship, I can't explain how, but it makes me feel so much better I don't WANT to go through any life experience any more without having you as my friend, Ross.'

I am touched (perklempt)--deeply, deeply honored that despite all of the time Carla has spent in the Illusion, running away from me for a long time I may add--we are able to bridge the gap, and go hand and hand, wherever the path may go.

Please be kind to your 'sponsors'--your teams--and if you don't mind, why not take a chance to let them know how much you appreciate them for all they do to help you on the way UP to your own Ascension?

You will make it! That is guaranteed! How soon you make it, depends on a lot of factors, your willingness to work on your releasing what is holding you back being a major part of it. That is what determines the rate as you will go UP.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The friends