Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Is It Time For The Event?

Is it time for the Event?

I don't know.

Let's look at the news--in the last fifteen minutes--

Fulford says YES, Pentagon is moving now to shut down the cabal 'Illuminazi' faction:http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2013/11/05/benjamin-fulford-11-6-13-multiple-sources-say-the-pentagon-is-moving-to-shut-down-cabal/

David Wilcock's comments say 'yes my intel agrees with you Ben': http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2013/11/05/david-wilcocks-comments-on-the-benjamin-fulford-post/

Both articles are posted by KP, who says, 'it's on!'

The only thing I know is that I will be off work and with my boy when The Event Happens. I have been told 'this will be a doozy' by my contact off-planet, Ross.

On 9-12-13 at 1635 he said:

I love you.
Everything is going to be okay.
Not the bills, not the taxes, only the light matters.
Hold on to your vibration with 'everything you've got'.
This is going to be a doozie, a DOOZIE of doozies. 
You and (my son's name) will be together when it happens, the Event.
Allow us to take care of the rest. 
You are doing good--I know you hate it the bills and the taxes and the email and the computer and the printer.
Do everything you can to keep your sanity.
Watch for signs.

There is one day this month that is not a weekend and we will both be home.

I won't tell you what it is. It doesn't matter.


Because there will be a huge 'herald' of the Event and a spiritual unmistakeable signal before it can begin. The word 'herald' was used in a recent channelling, I forget whose, possibly the Pleiadian High Councill by Anna Merkaba. I didn't agree with it because the word 'fear' kept coming up again and again. That is a cabal word, not an angelic one. Angels would never use it. I know. That's why I don't have the link and didn't share the channeled message earlier. But the word 'herald' resonated, and later, I randomly found THIS as I ate my dinner, in the back issue, 2010-2011 edition of The Witches Almanac: in Greek, 'iris' means rainbow and 'eiris', herald. Iris is the beautiful golden-winged goddess of the rainbow who is draped in saffron and carries a pitcher and a herald's cauduceus. She travels at the speed of wind, plummeting to the underworld river Styx to fill her ewer with water for dousing perjurers. Iris supplies the clouds with water and her colorful bow spans the sky, uniting earth to heaven. She is the messenger of the gods to man and serves as envoy for Zeus and Hera. The fleur-de-lis is also Hera's personal flower, springing from the tip of her staff like a scepter.

Iris, or some other 'messenger' of Source will let us know The Event is imminent before Ben and Dave and Brad (KP). The energies are going to be off the charts!

Until then, and during, and after, stay grounded. Reach out to others who are having a hard time with all the 'major woo woo' and/or upset at 'having the wool pulled over their eyes for so long' by the Cabal.
In your Heart Center you are unshakable in the Eternal moment Here and Now.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy the rest of Ben and David and Brad and hope they might be right. You never know, but it's always a good idea to be 'ready'.

After the Event, stay tuned to this blog, Doctors With Reiki on Facebook, @usui2102 on Twitter, www.prepareforchange.netwww.planetaryhealersnetwork.comwww.galacticconnection.com, and http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/. Always use your discernment until the 'free and clear' signal is given after the Cabal is 'cleansed' from Gaia and the Resistance is in place running the media. You will know by the broadcasts. Everybody cares, everybody love YOU, and everybody wants Gaia to be free of those who do not have our best interest at heart and are sucking the life out of us and Gaia.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. This new Sheldan Nidle pretty much predicts everything. It resonates very much. Now we have three--David, Ben and Sheldan who have the same message. It is a 'go', but as far as Galactic Time Frames have been 'soon' can be anything because Galactic Time is non-linear. Follow your inner guidance on that. http://galacticchannelings.com/english/sheldan05-11-13.html