Saturday, November 2, 2013


You talking to me? You talking to ME???

Good morning.

I can't sleep.

Spirit is 'nudging' me out of my bed to give this message to you. It is going to help you very much. How do I know? Because there are two new messages on my blog list--a Matthew Message and one from Archangel Raphael, that are on the same topic: knowing what to anticipate when your Consciousness goes 'wide open' around the time of the Event.

There are three kinds of 'feelings' that we get when we are fully 'awake and alert' from our 'slumber':

  • The Faux Pas: You know that icky feeling you get when you really screw up? The 'Oh MAN!!!!' And that wave of embarrassment or just wishing you had 'known' in advance not to do whatever it was you just did? You know, like burping at the table really loud at a White House Dinner to honor your achievements and everybody hears? That silence of shock and horror at your 'oops!' moment? Apparently Galactic Society is a lot more 'Conscious' than we are, and they take it for granted--it is commonly assumed--everyone KNOWS not to 'burp at the dinner table' or whatever it is their 'society culture' says it 'okay or not okay' to do. But WE DON'T KNOW any of that! The first time was when I was so delighted to be on board ship and meet the Galactics (in dream time, of course), I offered them a platter of milk and cookies. There was that same silence of shock and horror from them. Apparently, animal products and processed foods, to them, are a big 'No-No'.  I took it hard because once I figured it out in a nanosecond I was totally embarrassed. The Galactics were cool about it, like a bunch of Aunties and Uncles--and they acknowledged my heartfelt desire to welcome them and enjoy something nice to snack on together--so they 'switched' the food to juice popsicles on my tray, and they each took one, and smiled and we all enjoyed them together. 
  • The Waves Crashing In From All Sides: This one I feel as I get more informed on the Illuminati and how they operate. They are EVERYWHERE! You see the hidden symbols and KNOW. You pick up on their mind-control programming 'cues'--for example, Miley sings about a 'rainbow' and it gets played every hour. 'Rainbow' is a big 'cue' in Monarch and MK Ultra, and her 'performance' was truly one of the witnessed things a handler can make their 'victim' do at that awards show. It was really horrible to watch how that whole thing 'works' and nobody had a clue what was happening. I see it in the 'this is good for you!' food and medicine 'suggestions' when I know the agenda is mass depopulation with very slow toxins. (Here is one Illuminati escapee who shares the secret agenda--Jay Parker--Jay Parker: How 34 million Satanic/Illuminati Americans keep Earth in turmoil

  • The OMG--I'm SO Trapped!: This is when your Soul awakens enough to see the Prison Planet for what it is. I had a hard time with it-- But even then, it 'gets better'. It's the first 'glimpse' at Full Consciousness that humbles you and makes you want to run home to your 'home planet' and just chuck this 'Assignment' as a Light worker, a Way Shower, and stuff into the waste bin. Because all of us are here with a very daunting task--it's not for sissies!

So what does a Light Worker do when faced with overwhelming 'awareness' and possibly 'evil' and 'horror'?

Do like this!

Annoying Orange's 'Purpose' is simply, well, to be Annoying! And see how it works against Saw! Just like a charm! (here is the direct link:

Each of us has our Purpose, and by sticking to it, we are going to sail through whatever happens beautifully and in the very best way possible!

Following your 'Inner Guidance' and 'Intuition', is your ticket through what comes next. Make sure to spend time getting 'connected' with your 'Inner Guide' or 'Personal Connection to Source'. Spend time in Nature, or do something you enjoy, or meditate, or just be quiet and relax. Sometimes even taking a nap helps. This is the best thing you can do to prepare yourself for The Event, the wave of 'knowing' and 'Light' that is heading like a tidal wave of Love energy from the Galactic Central Sun to our Galaxy and is due to hit any time.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Here are links to the messages from Raphael and from Matthew Ward: